Saturday, November 19, 2011

What A Thursday

For some odd reason Selena was up through out the night Wednesday night. I think the storm we had probably kept her awake even though she said it didn’t. I guess some night I will have to go in and see how the winds sound in her bedroom. I am wondering if she doesn’t get more noise, since the stairs to the attic are in her room. Anyway we didn’t get much sleep.

We took our baths this morning. I had just been in and checked on Selena, while she was taking her bath. I ran out and threw some laundry in the dryer, came back in and went back in to check on Selena. Guess what I found, she had a 1/2 inch of water on the bathroom floor. It was slowly creeping to the half way point of the bathroom floor. You can see in the below picture the bathmat shows the line to which the water stopped.


The water surrounded the toilet and was making it’s way around the sink cabinet. I don’t know what she did other then maybe thinking she was washing her hair and pouring water over head only to miss and poured the water out of the tub. I never heard any extra splashing, so I am guessing that was what happened. While I had to mop up that water, I thought this would be a great time to deep clean the bathroom as well. I still have some shelves on one wall to get in and clean. This weekend that can be a project that Papa can help me with.

It took me two days to get all the way through my kitchen. While I adore our Landlord, he isn’t the best when it comes to cleaning a place up before renting it. Some might say “Men” for you, I don’t know if that is it, or if he is just so busy he doesn’t think about all the hidden areas that should be cleaned. Anyway I finally made my way through the entire kitchen. Only one window that needs the mini blinds taken down and cleaned, then the valence can be rehung.

100_5729 100_5730
100_5731 100_5733

Believe me my kitchen is huge, and while it took me two days to make my way through it, I am sure thrilled with the cleanliness, it almost looks like a whole new kitchen, all fresh and calling out to Thanksgiving dinner to be cooked and served.

Now that is two rooms done, with 5 more rooms to do. While at times I think of how much work goes into the major cleaning of a big house, it is all worth it. I will say one thing I sure find a large home easier to keep clean then I do a small house.

Notice my Kitchen Aide Mixer….Do you know I haven’t used this in 7 years? That is right this was just one more piece of kitchen that was in storage as I had no place for it in my other house. I have already showed Papa this item I would love for Christmas just for my mixer and all the tools I have that go with it.


I am truly thankful for the ability to take care of our home. The ability to keep it clean, and the grace and peace that I get from doing so. We can all grumble and mumble about having to do housework, though if we remember it truly is a special gift just to have a home to clean, a home to keep us warm, and a family to share this home with, it can definitely make the job seem a little easier to get in and just do. To me there is nothing better then the freshness of a totally clean home.

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  1. It's wonderful that you consider a privilege what many others (myself included) consider a chore. I am very thankful for my house cleaner even though we do need to discuss the need for a deeper cleaning one of her next visits.

  2. I'm sure my house has a number of spots that could use a good deep cleaning, if you run out of things to clean in your house :)

  3. I have never moved into a rental house that I didn't have to scrub from floor to ceiling in every room.

    Glad you are enjoying your cleaning, and I hope that your water problem was just her pouring water out and that it doesn't return... :-)