Monday, November 21, 2011

Saturday and Good Friends

I had plans to do a lot around here at home while I had Papa at home to help on Saturday. Friday night though my dear friend Jean, called and asked me to go to the Mall in Olympia with her. She just had bypass surgery the first of October and this is the first time she has been out. Her daughter Tammy decided to join us. It was such a blessing not only to get a break away myself and be in such great company, but also to see Jean go to town and to actually walk almost the entire length of the Mall after all she has been through. She truly is an inspiration considering in the last two years she has gone through a stroke, knee surgery, a heart attack, eye surgery, and now this triple bypass surgery. It seems like nothing but nothing keeps her down even at the tender age of 80 years young.

When I got home Papa was already fixing Selena her dinner. I am so thankful that he understands my need to get out and his willingness to jump right in and take my place while I am not here. I don’t ask to get away very often, so it is always so special when I do, that he never complains or asks me not to go.

After Selena ate her dinner suddenly I heard the piano. Now we have tried to deter her from playing on the piano, since this one belongs to our landlord. I couldn’t resist though letting her just play for a while, since she wasn’t pounding on the keys.




I just love her posture while sitting at the piano, the way she tries so hard to make her fingers work on the keys, and the look of concentration on her face while she tries to read the music. I have a feeling that come next year we will look for a piano teacher and get her some lessons.

You might be wondering what happened to our piano from our other house, simply put the estimate we were given to have it worked on was way more then we felt the piano was worth. For the amount they wanted we could easily go and buy her a very nice key board. The fact that this piano was to stay in the house, and I didn’t need two pianos, we allowed our landlord to do what he wanted to do with the other piano. I am not sure if he found someone to buy it, put it in storage or what he did with it.

Saturday was a very good day, spending time with such good friends, coming home to find things in order, knowing that Papa and Selena had some quality time together, then to finish my day off watching as Selena once again showed just how passionate she is for music. To think she has so many options, from the piano, a flute and a clarinet, I wonder if she will choose just one, or be like her mother and absorb all the musical instruments and learn as much as she can about them all. Yes, her mother does have an ear for music and while everyone told us she would never learn to play a musical instrument due to her learning disability, she surpassed all their expectations and learned to play several instruments. Too bad she didn’t keep up with her passion.

I am truly thankful for good friends, and my family who fill my heart with so much joy and love.

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  1. A talent for music would be a very special gift for Selena to have from her mother! And, nice for you too - a house filled with music is so much more of a home. Your day out sounds wonderful!

  2. Oh, how nice that Selena is so passionate about music. It's a great gift to have. And it's great that Papa steps up to take care of Selena when needed.

  3. What a wonderful talent to get if she does, it can be such an addition to her life.

  4. C plays the piano and loves it! It's great that Selena enjoys music so much.