Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finding Our Home

I kind of left all of you with a cliff hanger, in my post here. I told you how we come to move to Montesano, and that it took us 6 weeks to finally settle into a  house. After a few asked that I share that part of the story, I decide to do just that.
In October of 2004 we found out that we would be moving over here. We were given two weeks to pack up all our belongings and make the big move across state. My first idea was for me to stay in Spokane, where I could have a chance to go through everything, sell what we didn’t need to pack over here. I figured I could put everything in storage and move in with my brother while I took care of these things.
Knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the snow would fall my husband was against that idea. He feared if I didn’t come with him we would end up waiting possibly until Spring before we could get all our things here. We packed everything up and put it in a big truck, his car in tow and I driving mine made the long trek across State. We put all our belongings in storage. I kept out what I figured I would need to stay in a Motel until we found a house. I prepared to cook in the Motel to save money, so with my crock pot, grill, and what dishes I felt we would need we settled into the only Motel here in town. Let me tell you, I was glad I did come with him, we got here and it was one rain storm after another. I had never seen so much rain and wind in my life. At this point I truly began to think my husband had just brought me to the land of no return.
We drove all over the town about every day, watched the adds in the paper, and even spoke with a real estate agent only to discover that homes in this area at that time were very hard to find. Great! We quickly discovered that there truly were no rentals except a few dumps that I wouldn’t have even moved a dog into.
Four weeks went by and we were still in the Motel. I awoke one morning very sick. I had never been that sick before, I felt like something was just ripping my guts out. Figuring it was a severe case of the flu, I waited a couple of days before seeking medical attention. Upon my visit to the doctor, I was immediately taken to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. I spent almost a week in the hospital before being released. A very dear friend, basically the first person we met when we moved here opened her home to us while I recovered. Once I was able to get around better back to the Motel we went.
Three days later my husband came home and told me of a small house for rent nearby. We called and went right out to see it. While it was very small, cute, but old, we figured that we had little choice but to sign a lease. I still was not able to lift anything, so we moved into the house not knowing when we would get our belongings moved in. Not only that but the house had no appliances, we had to buy a stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer. Finally two weeks later we were told about a local ministry who for a donation would provide us with the man power to move our belongings in the house.
As everything came into that tiny house I just didn’t know what to do, it was very clear that not everything would fit in our tiny house. Then the last piece of furniture to be unloaded off the truck, my brand new couch that I had purchased just 6 months before we knew we would be moving would not come through any of the doors. We had to put it in the garage. We ended up having to sell it.
In 2006 we found out that we were going to have Selena joining our family. Boy if that wasn’t an exciting time, but now we had to make room for all the baby gear. We ended up moving more of our belongings out to the garage. The day she was born we had a horrible storm come through that topped out a huge tree and sent the top flying straight through the roof of the garage right into my laundry room. Thankfully our landlord brought out a truck and a crew of men who helped my husband move all our stuff from the garage into the truck so it wouldn’t get ruined from all the rain. We did lose some things, but the loss was minor to what it could have been.
We looked for the next 4 years for a larger house, but they either wanted an arm and a leg for them, or they were so dumpy. We thought about buying a home, but when the market crashed we lost a lot, and couldn’t afford to buy.
We were so thrilled the day our landlord told us about this home. We were even more excited when we got to see truly how nice it was and that he was willing to let us move in with no extra money. We didn’t even have to pay a new security deposit, just would have to pay $50.00 more a month. We are very happy, and while we had to go through so much to get where we finally are, we never gave up knowing that God had everything in control.
There you have it our story of why it took us so long to settle into a home when we first moved here.
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  1. What an amazing story. It does beat every story of my moves, and I had many of them over years. I guess the main difference is that every time I moved with 2 suitcases but some money to buy everything I needed. I am glad you found this new place where I hope you will be happy for years to come.

  2. It sounds kind of like when we moved into this house. I was pregnant with the twins, and couldn't really do much but sit there and be overwhelmed.

    But it makes for a great story, doesn't it?