Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gratitude Challenge


Today on November 3, 2011 I am so thankful for where God has brought me. Seven years ago when my husband once again came to me with the idea of moving to where he considered to be his home, I felt no hesitation like before. Living all my life in Spokane had it’s good memories and not so good memories, but I believe after both my parents had passed away, I felt free, I felt like I could finally start living for me. I had put my life on hold so many times just to be there to tend to my parents needs, to be at their side in sickness, and in death. I even put my life on hold when my sister died. I was ready for a change.

When Papa first came home and asked me what I thought of living in Montesano, I have to admit I had to ask where in the world is Montesano. I agreed to come and see the place he had chosen for us to live. We pulled out of Spokane very early on a Friday morning, payday morning. To our surprise though his paycheck had not been direct deposited into our account. He wanted to go home, but I knew his heart and said we would push on. I knew with all my heart there must have been a computer problem, and that our trip over would work out and be very fruitful. By the time we hit the West side of the Mountains, his check was finally in our account and we both sighed so much relief.

We settled into our hotel in Olympia, and Papa hurried to get ready for his job interview. Since he was transferring with the same company it was an easy interview and so there wasn’t a lot of stress felt going into this. I have to say though as the time went on, one hour, then two I began to wonder what in the world was going on. Did he get lost trying to find his way back to the hotel? When he finally arrived with a huge smile on his face he announced he was now employed in Montesano. I still had no idea where Montesano was. I insisted that he had to take me to this town where we were suppose to call home.

The drive to Montesano, seemed so long, well 45 miles later we finally seen the sign that said Welcome to Montesano. My first reaction was, “Oh brother where have you brought me?” I knew we were not far from the Ocean, and to be honest never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would live near the Ocean. I do have to admit the beauty all around us didn’t hurt in Papa selling me on this new home. Now to find a home. That is such a long story in itself that I will just skip over that. Two weeks to move didn’t give much time to find a house. Our move was all based on our faith that God was taking us where He truly wanted us to be and with that a home would be easily found. Should I say 6 weeks later we finally moved into our first house.

Seven years later, I still love this place. I love all the nature around us. I have met some very special friends, and have learned to except the weather for what it is. It wasn’t always easy, but when I looked hard enough and leaned on my faith I knew this is where God wanted my family to be. Contentment didn’t come easy, but after taking vacation back to Spokane, that contentment fell right into place, I realized there was no way I wanted to ever move back to the other side of the State.

I leave you now with some pictures of what we get to enjoy daily.







God truly has brought me to what I consider to be the most beautiful place in the world, the place where all my senses are filled daily with the beauty of the all the splendid things He created. I am so Thankful for my home.

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  1. What a tremendous blessing to live in "the most beautiful place in the world."

  2. it's a great story. I am glad that you truly enjoy the place you live in. God does work in mysterious ways.

  3. So awesome, so beautiful! You are so lucky to live in a place that you love...and wow, how amazing that God brought you there through your husband! Lovely!

    Thank you for linking up!

  4. If you can write a post about contentment at the beginning of the rainy season - then I know you have to love where you live :)

  5. Isn't it amazing to truly love where you live? Our part of the world is quite wonderful to me, so I can identify with that part of your story. This is where I grew up, though...we've moved away for a time, but returned home.

  6. Hey Debbie - it's beautiful. How lucky Selena is to grow up there.

    Thanks for linking with us!


  7. What a beautiful place! You are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing photos from your corner of the world:)

  8. What a wonderful God story! I hope you share one day about finding your home.