Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Ok now something doesn’t look quite right with my Christmas stuffies. Can you see which one doesn’t quite belong?


Are you able to see the one that doesn’t belong? Let me give you a hint, the one that doesn’t belong isn’t wearing anything that would represent Christmas. You might have seen him many times before and by now probably know his name to be Hoppy.

Why is he sitting with the rest of my Christmas stuffies? Well, you see Selena thought she would fool me, that I wouldn’t notice him there, or that I wouldn’t notice the one that is missing. She swapped hoppy for this one.


Poor Hoppy his best friend just traded him for someone new. Now what will he do?

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  1. I have a feeling she won't be able to abandon Hoppy for long.

  2. Poor Hoppy. If Selena is anything like my kids Hoppy will very quickly be added back into the play :)

  3. Can't imagine Anna abandoning her best friend, but it happens to be a blankie :) Her expression in the second picture is so cute!