Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yesterday was just one of those days when we had to get out a little and explore the Autumn changes. It was very cold and breezy early morning but by afternoon it had was sunny and the breeze had calmed quite a bit. You could definitely feel Autumn in the air though. Of course you know that Selena first had to look for Nibbles, but we did not discover him again. She did find this most beautiful flower, one of the few that had not wilted up in the cool air.


As we ventured on down toward our street line where there are more trees, Selena discovered many leaves. I told her she could pick two that could be brought in the house, since she truly wanted to carry way too many back up the driveway. I know this was mean, as she did have a hard time picking only two. I have to say though it was a great way of making her slow down and really discover all the changes taking place around her this Autumn, it also gave me the time to take in the crispness in the air.


When we got back in the house the first thing that Selena noticed was how the flower and the two leaves she picked just seemed so golden, each in its own shade. I hope tomorrow holds out just a bit more tomorrow before the predicted rains begin, I would love to get out and explore a little bit more around our new home.

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  1. It's amazing the difference sunshine can make to a day - I hope you get a little more before the rainy season sets in.

  2. This season is so beautiful here too even though we are having unusually warm October. Hopefully some of our warmth will travel north to you too! Love the picture of Selena with her leaf!