Thursday, October 20, 2011

Selena’s Reflection on Autumn


We were not as lucky as I had hoped in having another sunny day to get out and explore more in our world. We did however discuss all the changes that Selena has been observing. She mentioned many lovely facts, like the leaves changing colors, yellow, orange, red, and brown. She also mentioned that the flowers are dying. I think some of the things that she found interesting were the fact that the days are cooler, we have a cold breeze that is making the leaves fall from the trees, and that the sky is beginning to become cloudy. We talked about why this time of the year it is colder even when the sun is out due to the fact that the earth is further away from the sun. She then told me she wished the earth would move closer to the sun again so it would be warm, then sighed the fact that she would now have to wait until next summer.

I asked her to go find the colored crayons that matched the colors that she sees outside as Autumn is changing everything. She picked out brown, yellow, orange, and red. I printed off the above picture and put her to work at coloring it. When she said she was finished, I asked her why she didn’t color the leaves on the ground, she informed me because our leaves are still in the trees or pretty much.

We then moved on to some cutting skills, Selena was very proud of herself for cutting her paper completely in half without any tearing. We baked bread, and enjoyed a good day just staying indoors. I do hope to venture out though and see how the horse's coat is changing, I know my dad use to always say one can tell how harsh a winter we will have by how thick an animal’s coat gets. I know I have watched this many times, but now would like to see what observations Selena makes. I will update you when we get this accomplished.

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  1. Watching things through children's eyes is so much different than our own, isn't it? Such a gift!!

    Happy autumn, Selena!

  2. My young ones are still wanting to slip out in flip-flops and short sleeves - when the sun comes out, it must be warm - right?

  3. Early fall is a beautiful time to observe the world around us. The coloring looks like something Anna would normally do :)