Monday, August 29, 2011

Update on Selena

We took Selena on Saturday to the nearest Children’s Hospital, since the area on her belly was the size of a quarter and was once again forming a hard pocket underneath and the one on her pointer finger was beginning to work it’s way around the bottom of her fingernail and we didn’t want it to work it’s way all the way around or get into the fingernail itself.

I wish we could say our experience at this hospital was a good experience, but I can’t. The ER doctor’s attitude was very poor and she even spoke with a very accusing tone when she asked why Selena was so scared. She also did not want to follow our pediatricians orders to lance these sites. It didn’t take long to change her attitude after I got her to understand that Selena only has the one kidney and we are really trying to keep it from becoming jeopardized. Her tone changed as I explained all the screening and tests this poor thing as endured after discovering that she only had one kidney.

We thought they were going to sedate Selena via a shot of medication, but suddenly unknown to us this changed and they attempted to sedate her with an oral med along with a nasal med. After giving her the medication she developed a hive on the side of her eye, which was dismissed, all though at this point they did decide to hook her up to the machine to watch her vitals. This only put Selena in a intoxicated state and not truly sedated. She became very anxious and every noise she heard made her sit straight up and ask in a panic “What is that noise?”

It took two nurses to hold her down as she screamed in pain through the procedure. Get this I had to run for supplies and bandages, that were not available for the doctor’s access. I think they figured Selena would be more sedated then she was. It wasn’t that I minded getting these supplies, since I have worked in hospitals, I am very aware of procedures, so that was not a huge deal. It just goes to show that Selena was not as sedated as they figured she should be.

After as we were leaving, Selena had a bad reaction to the medications, and became very violent, screaming, slugging, kicking, biting and flinging herself from our arms. I had to run in and get help, it took 20 minutes before anyone came out to help. We got her back into the hospital, and was put in a family waiting area. They had to clean and bandage my wounds (which we will now pray do not get infected). I was a total emotional mess at this point and lost it, loosing all self control, I told the doctor off, then broke down into complete and utter sobs. Selena seeing this finally calmed down and started to console me. We waited another hour just to make sure that Selena was indeed fine, and the medications had worn off enough that she could walk on her own. She did sleep on the way home, and had a horrible headache the rest of the night.

This morning though we are so pleased to announce that both areas look great. The one on her tummy looks just like a little slit where they lanced it all puffiness and redness is gone. The one on the finger looks like a small paper cut. Now we feel the healing is beginning and all will be fine.

Even though we had a bad experience, I am so thankful we had this done, and as I will state over and over again, even in the midst of the worse times if we look hard enough we can always find a silver lining. We all have a choice we can focus only on the bad, or we can look at the over all picture and find the glimpse of the good. That good removes all hurt, and anguish of any of the bad. While yes, we are still angry over the treatment received, we are thankful for the end results.

I have to share just some of the Selena moments through all of this though. We had to see our pediatrician’s associate when this all started. As we waited for him to come in, by the way he now has been named the boo boo doctor by Selena, she was sitting on the table reading a book to me. He walked in and his eyes about popped out of his head, he looked at the chart in his hands, then asked Selena how old she was as if he had the wrong chart. He could not get over her reading ability.

At the hospital, the doctor and nurses could not get over Selena’s vocabulary. She didn’t stop amazing them with all the long words she could say, and that she knew the meaning of, such as stethoscope, surgical tray, oh and she had to throw hypothesis in there too. They couldn’t get over how observant she was and it wasn’t long before she was telling them where the band aids were and how to unlock the door to get to them as well to what drawer to open. When the nurse assisted us out to the car the second time, she asked Selena to count cars, when they got up to 20, the nurse decided they better stop since she realized that Selena was just going to keep going. Selena informed her they couldn’t stop counting until she had counted 100 cars.

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  1. Oh Debbie, what an awful experience! I am so sorry you had to go through that! :(
    It's good that you can find the silver lining. I hope Selena heals quickly and there are no more problems.

  2. What a nightmare! I'm glad to hear, that at least the end results were good.

  3. I'm happy to hear she is doing well, but what a scary experience! I don't think I knew that Selena only has one kidney.

  4. I'm so sorry about what Selena and you all had to go through but glad to know everything turned out okay! Sending healing and hugs...

  5. I am so sorry that the experience in the hospital was so bad and poor Selena was so scared. I hope that she doesn't have to go back any time soon, so this ordeal fades in her memory.

  6. Oh, Debbie, I feel for you! I have had some horrible doctor experiences with my children, too. I am so sorry to hear that you went through such a bad experience. I am glad that Selena is now healing and I am praying that you both can put this behind you. Hugs.

  7. Ugh doctors like that drive me nuts, especially since my experience has been no child comes out of anesthesia well. Or at least none of my children have.

    I'm so thankful it turned out okay, and I'll be praying that nothing further happens.

  8. Oh my, what an experience, poor little Selena, and you for that matter. Thank goodness it seemed to end on a somewhat hgh note though :-)