Sunday, August 28, 2011

Science Sunday/Tree Frog

Science Sunday

There is one thing that I really must purchase, we really need one, I am being very serious here. We are discovering so many new little critters around our new home.

insect lore

When my children were younger all the kids had one of these insect lore magnifying jar. We definitely have to get one for Selena because after she went to bed last night guess what we found on the side of our house. I looked and looked for something to put this little critter in so she could explore it today but feared that whatever I could put together would not allow it to survive.

I took pictures though so Selena would know that she needs to watch for this little fellow.



You have guessed by now that we in deed had a little tree frog hanging on the side of our house. It got irritated with me taking pictures and jumped down onto the porch and made it’s way over by a cooler we have sitting on the front porch. Selena did enjoy seeing the pictures, but I know she would have really enjoyed seeing him with her own two eyes.

I am linking this up at Adventures in Mommydum.

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  1. This is so cool. We have a little lizard that lives in our backyard, and Anna enjoys watching it. We did get her a bug collector's kit, but a cheap one from a Dollar Store. Her idea of catching someone is to leave the kit ourside and put some leaves in it - just like Winnie the Pooh trying to catch a Heffalump.

  2. I love that little frog! I'm a big fan of frogs, my kids think it's rather hilarious because I have to chase down and show them every frog.

  3. Cute! We have tree frogs up on our deck often in the spring. I think I've written about them in the past. The kids love to see them as well. I hope Selena is able to spot him with her own eyes soon!