Monday, August 1, 2011

Papa’s Birthday

Last week we celebrated Papa’s birthday. I wanted Selena to use her new found skills in arts and crafts to make Papa a birthday present. I basically told her that we would use a particular poem and prints of her hands. She had to decide where to go from there.


She wanted to use paper plates, and blue paint for her hand prints. I never questioned her ideas, only obliged by giving her 2 paper plates and helping her paint her hands blue to make the hand prints. She made one hand print on each plate, then set them aside to dry.

She then asked for a hard piece of paper, I figured she meant card stock. She wanted white, so once again I just obliged. She grabbed her markers and began to create. She drew a picture of Papa then began to decorate the sides with flowers. She asked me to cut out the hand prints. She then went to work gluing the poem and two hand prints on the paper just where she felt they should go.

When she was all finished I said, “I thought we should write Happy Birthday and the date so that Papa would remember that you gave this to him for his Birthday and that your hands were this big on this date.” She asked me to do that part for her, so I did.

Papa was very thrilled with his present from Selena. I thought it was so fitting considering he is always so worried about her getting hand and finger prints all over everything. I was so proud of the thought process that Selena put into this project and the fact that she designed so much of it on her own. I think she was pretty proud as well. 

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  1. So sweet! She looks very pleased with her gift =)

  2. If she gave it to him with that smile on her face, then he got two presents :)

  3. That's a very special present. I bet he loved it!

  4. It's a very sweet gift. I like how she put so much of her own thought into it and made this very pretty card.

  5. I can tell she worked hard on it

  6. Very sweet! Presents like that mean the most!