Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Selena has been so independent on many of the activities she does in the mornings while I am going about cleaning and getting ready to start the day. I never really know what I will find her doing. I asked her one morning, “Selena, what are you doing?” She informed me, “Making patterns, Grandma.”

I went in to see what type of patterns she was making and discovered this:


I am so glad that I made the active choice to keep most of her schooling supplies down within reach for her. Certain items like paint and the messy things are up out of reach, but things like this Selena can grab and work on at her leisure. Have I mentioned how much we are enjoying this new more mature Selena? I am sure I have, but I can’t say it enough, the changes that have taken place here of late are so special. I think Selena is enjoying the changes in herself as well. I know she is enjoying all the new found freedoms.

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  1. I love her initiative in starting activities like this.

    I need to move the pony beads to where the kids can get to them.

    Glitter I need to move even further up (I thought it was out of reach) because Princess dumped an entire bottle of the super fine glitter all over her desk and the floor....

  2. She looks simply radiant in the photos lately.

  3. Selena looks so very grown up in this picture. Anna's play also became so much more purposeful lately - with a lot more drawing and creating that she used to be willing to do. It's fun to watch this transformation.

  4. Does she put it all away when she's done? That's the big challenge in our house right now!