Sunday, July 31, 2011

Selena’s Sunday Surprise


Can you see what Selena is wearing on her feet? Jeff, our good friend who went to Bangladesh with Pastor surprised Selena with a pair of hand crafted leather sandals that he purchased and brought home to her.


Selena couldn’t wait to try them on, peeling her shoes and socks right off in the middle of the isle to slip these on her feet. She then took no time to run, and jump in Jeff’s arms to thank him. She wore them through the rest of church service.

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  1. What a special gift! They also look just the right size for Selena.

  2. What a great response for Jeff's thoughtful gift! That must have made his day!!

    Cute sandals! Even cuter model!!

  3. That is an awesome surprise. I'd love to get that too. Do you think he'd bring me back some next time? :)

  4. Those are beautiful shoes and they fit perfectly. What a sweet surprise.