Thursday, August 18, 2011

Math Introduction to Simple Subtraction

We returned to school today, and pulled out our math buddies Sam and Jan. After some review of simple addition, this time having Selena read my story problems, then setting them up all by herself, I decided to try some simple subtraction. Selena caught on very quickly.


My story problems were very easy: Sam has five cheerios. He gives Jan three Cheerios. How many Cheerios does Sam have left?


After reading the story problem all by herself, she quickly went to work to solve the problem. She first gave Sam five cheerios.


Referring back to the story problem, she then had Sam give three cheerios to Jan. From there she quickly answered the story problem correctly. She even was able to tell me which symbol to use as we wrote the problem out on paper. I guess all my work last year in which I felt that Selena just was bored or not ready for math truly was not all in vain. She has truly proven that she did retain much of the material. Her maturity this year though is now working in her favor to actually practice what we did last year.

After our math lesson we went out and Selena rode her bike all the way up to our Pastor’s house since we were still letting their dog out. She rode very well and with a lot of confidence up the sidewalk. In fact there were many times the training wheels never even touched the road. Since she doesn’t mind having the training wheels on we decided to not even attempt in taking them off yet. She is going to need a larger bike next year, we wonder if moving to a larger bike will require the use of training wheels for a little bit, but I just know that next summer will be the summer they finally come off.


Selena is playing with Ollie or trying too. Ollie was trying his best to hide from us as he knew that we would put him back in the garage. Which in fact turned into a job itself. He literally refused to go back in. We did get him in after I went and found his ball to coax him in.

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  1. We took R's training wheels off this summer with mixed results. When she has confidence, she does well, but when she panics, she falls. Part of this is due to the fact that we haven't done as much bike riding as I would have liked to do this summer since Dad is at work five days a week and I can't run alongside the bike while R rides.

  2. Our kids aren't confident enough to take training wheels off, but they're heading that way.

    Poor Ollie.

  3. Great introduction to word problems and subtraction. Love it! Taking training wheels off is always a big day at our house.

  4. I am glad that Selena is feeling better. We tried to take Anna's training wheels off, but she was nowhere near ready, and now they are back on. She didn't ride much lately though - it's rather hot here.

  5. We still have three with training wheels - I think they might all come off next summer.