Friday, August 19, 2011



Yesterday we learned that along time ago there were no maps, well no maps like ours. We will be addressing this more further in our studies. I truly wanted Selena to focus on our map more. We looked more closely at the directional compass on the map, as well as the key to the map. I was thrilled when I found worksheets that went with our Geography/History book and copied the first map for our study.

Selena learned that on the key in her book green stood for land and blue stood for water. She had a perfect map all colored but before I could get it scanned into the computer she spilled juice on it and threw it away. I copied another and sort of helped her get back where she was before.


We then had fun using the compass on the map to take several trips to the different places on our map. I would tell Selena where we were starting from, and she had to go in the direction I told her in. If I said go North she had to follow the direction compass on the map and go North to the first land she came to. As you can see we made several different trips around the map and explored many different places.

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  1. Great map lesson! I hope Selena continues to enjoy her geography studies.

  2. I agree that sounds like such a fun map lesson. I need to work on specific map skills with my kids.

  3. What a fun and practical geography lesson.