Sunday, August 21, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

We woke up on Friday morning and as I looked out the window I could see some neighbors across the street setting up for a garage sale. One item caught my eye and it needed just a bit more investigation. Selena and I got ready and we headed off to investigate this one item and see what else they had there. I only had $7.00 in my wallet and wasn’t going to go get any more cash, so I told Selena we could only spend this much.

Our first find was really quite a find.


We picked all these books up for $1.00. They were bundled in a box and there was a few books that we will probably never look at, but hay I am all for a box of books for a dollar especially when I can see most of them are just perfect for Selena.

The next find we could have gone either way on, but I am so tired of Selena playing with all my refrigerator magnets that I couldn’t resist paying .25 for this entire bag of letters and numbers.


Selena dumped them all out and went right to work spelling words on the white board. The first word she spelled was blocks. I was quite proud of her spelling ability at that point.

Now for the item that truly caught my eye, the item that made me venture down to this garage sale. The item I believe is Selena’s favorite item.


We picked up this basketball hoop for $5.00. Selena was a bit upset that there wasn’t a basketball too, but quickly found that her soccer ball will work just fine until we buy her a basketball.

I would say that Selena made out like a bandit and there wasn’t one single thing that will not be used a lot in our home. It isn’t very often I am able to go to a garage sale and find so many good finds at one time. If you have been doing your math, I even came home with .75 to spare.

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  1. Well done, some great buys there :-)

  2. My daughter also always makes out like a bandit when we go to garage sales and I must admit that almost all of our best books have come from garage sales!

  3. Great finds, especially books. We love garage sale finds!

  4. It is hard to find a good garage sale nowadays, great haul.

  5. we have plenty of basketballs and we'll gladly give Selena one. And thanks for letting Ollie out for us! Hope it wasn't too much of an inconvenience.

  6. one of the best thing about HI garage sales every weekend, all year long! I need to get out to them more, but I have gotten some good finds as well :D I stopped at 2 on my way somewhere Sat, but they were no good :(