Monday, August 22, 2011

Papa’s Role in Our Homeschool


This week at Three Thinking Mothers, the question posed was, what is the father’s role in your homeschool. So many times we blog about what we are doing with our children, what they are learning, what curriculum we are using or not using, things we like and dislike, but how many of us take the time to share the role of our spouse. I know I don’t always acknowledge Papa as much as I should for all the things he does in our homeschool.


Papa, My Supporter, and Helper

Truly I have to say that Papa is my accountability partner. Everyday when he comes home from work he expects to see everything Selena has done in school for the day. He is always willing to listen to her read her books, explain her math or map work, retell what she learned in science, or admire all her artwork. He is truly the backbone of our homeschool, this gives me the daily drive to get in and have something for Selena to share with him.

Yes, he has taken the teacher role as well, he loves to teach through games from the time Selena was first learning her ABC’s, numbers, shapes and colors I could always count on him to sit down and work on these concepts with Selena. He loves to introduce her to new words or increase her vocabulary as well as work on math basics. He is a great story book reader and always takes the time to read as many books that Selena brings his way.

With love and gentleness he encourages Selena to continue to think outside the box. He encourages her to keep moving forward even when things seem a little tough. He gives me the same encouragement and supports every decision I make concerning Selena’s education. He pushes and nudges me to keep going, to keep trying, and to laugh even when we do have those tough days.


Not only academically but Papa is always there to save the day, through times of play. He’s walked as many steps beside Selena as she learned to ride her bike, pushed as many swings as she learned to swing, thrown as many balls as she learned to catch, he has put in as much energy as I have put into all these activities and more.

I don’t think I could ask for a better partner, friend, and encourager then the one I have in Papa. He truly gives so much of himself to us but especially to Selena, the one who desires his attention daily. Thank you Papa for being our everything, and taking such an active role in the education of our granddaughter.

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  1. Great post and I love that people are talking up the Dads today! They do so much, it would be impossible to do it without them! :)

  2. What a wonderful post. I love that first picture of the two of them.

  3. What a sweet post! Selena is so lucky to have the two of you always there for her.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to a devoted Papa! :-)

    Many blessings,