Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Internet Connection

Yes, it has seemed like forever to get back on line. Where we live we only have a few options for Internet service. After trying the others I decided to go with a satellite service. I have been very happy with their service, however it has been a nightmare trying to get my service moved.

It all began when I first called and wanted to know the cost factor for getting my service moved. I was unable to get any answers to this one simple question. They did not tell me that if I moved the dish myself it would cost less, which believe me I would have chose to have them move it anyway.

I was scheduled to have my service transferred on the 5th of July, then on the 4th of July I received a call from the tech that was going to come do the job. He informed me that he wouldn’t do it for less then $300.00. I guess you know I about fainted from disbelief. He wasn’t very nice about it either. I called the company again. The district manager and I agreed on a price that was suitable to my pocket and to him for my service to be moved and rescheduled my service to be transferred over on the 14th of July.

The 13th I again received a courtesy call again from the same tech that had quoted me the $300.00. Before we went to far I wanted to make sure that he was going to honor the price that the district manager and I had agreed on. Guess what, he refused again demanding the $300.00. Once again I was calling the district manager, now being pretty angry and upset over such a hassle and headache this has been. No, I did not loose my cool, I just explained the situation.

The manager was not happy with this second attempt, and after talking with the tech, called me back promising that someone would be out and transfer my service on the 14th at the price we settled on even if it meant he would come and do it himself. I do believe I will write the main company and suggest that they operate such things as moving service a bit differently, they could at the least have a price range to give a person upon calling, and one that the techs will honor.

I waited all that day for someone to come out or to at least call and heard nothing. I called the main company and was told enough to make me realize I was being taken to the cleaners by the installers here. I asked how much it would cost to get out of my contract and was told $50.00. I decided that I could handle and cancelled my service. This meant another week waiting for my new service to kick in, but non the less I feel it will work out OK. By the way the tech did show up at 5:30 that evening with my equipment, and removed the part that I needed to mail back to the company, so not all was a loss. Now for one quick question, have you ever heard of a company that charges less to let you out of your contract, then to just move your service when you move? This leads me to feel that maybe they truly do not care about staying in business.

Due to my problems with the transfer of my Internet service I was removed from the TOS crew. Too bad we didn’t switch our phones upon our move, then I wouldn’t have missed the important emails and could have responded to TOS. That is ok though, as I will reapply again next spring, and no there will not be any moves again for sometime. While I was disappointed at the time, I understand their position with their vendors and the inability to give them the information they needed.

I have to look for the bright side to everything though, and have decided that with the move and taking into consideration Selena’s age, maybe it will work better for us next year to join the TOS crew. It will all work out the way it is suppose to in the end. Sometimes we do have to figure out what is the priorities, and while it is difficult to give up our desires and wants for the over all best situation for our family, we truly have to be willing to. I know that our move into this larger home with so much more space for Selena to play and learn truly is what is more important at this time in our lives. Everything else will work out in time. For those of you on TOS, I will certainly continue to follow and read your reviews.

I thank all my followers for your patience, and I did appreciate those who took the time to stop by and leave me comments letting me know how much I was missed. I truly missed all of you as well. While the extra time away from the distraction of the computer was nice, it is certainly nice to be back online.

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  1. I love how you look at the bright side. Sorry about all the harassment you had from the satellite company. It does seem to be a problem for every cable company when they have to move the service - we had some problems with that even in the middle of the Silicon Valley.

  2. When you apply again I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job. It's a shame they had to remove you.

    I'm still rather amazed by your satellite company.

  3. Wow, what an ordeal!
    We also have to have satellite internet where we live because it's so rural. If not that, then we have to deal with dial-up!