Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back To School

Not that learning has stopped around here as we have had a lot of unplugged learning, growing, and maturing. Selena has discovered many new freedoms which at first brought on some new behaviors that I must admit were not all good, but we have been working on making those better. All the while though she has been asking for her school. On this particular day though she was going to make sure that she sat down for some formal learning even if I was not totally on the same page.


Selena found her safety scissors and some paper. I decided to just see how far her cutting skills had come and drew some lines and angles on a sheet of paper and just let her go for it. She was so proud of herself as she cut on the lines to make squares, triangles, rectangles, and even tried a circle. I was very happy to see how well she was handling the scissors. I believe though that for the next couple of days all we seen was small scraps of paper that Selena had cut through out the dining room and living room. She also figured out that she can cut pieces of yarn, along with many other things, don’t worry everything she cut were items that she could cut, nothing like hair, clothes or any of the other things that might come to mind. She was really proud of herself when she cut the price tags off her new clothes, though that was something I did emphasize she needed to have my supervision for.


The next thing that Selena grabbed was her piggy bank. She dumped all her coins out on the table and after I showed her an easy way to sort and count the coins, she began to do just that. This is something she enjoys doing throughout the day. She is often found sneaking into my wallet though looking for pennies or any other loose change she can find. While we do discourage her getting into my wallet, it has been fun to watch her counting and excitement over her money. Has she counted all her coins yet? No, not quite but it has been a lot of fun and entertaining for her.

The other thing that has just taken off is Selena’s writing. In Sunday school one week while we were working on our worksheets, Selena with all her self confidence filled in all the empty blanks with the missing vowels all on her own. I was truly pretty proud to see this achievement. Selena was very proud and very anxious to get home and show Papa the work she had done.

As for spiritual growth in Selena goes. Believe me if you want to know about Jesus, just ask Selena, she will tell you the full story, from Jesus being God’s Son (Grandson, I suppose she gets that because she is our granddaughter), how he died on the cross for our sins and is now in heaven with God preparing a place for us. To support this one evening as I was going through one of our many boxes I came across a picture of my sister. Selena asked who it was, and after telling her, she asked if she could meet her Aunt. When I explained that my sister got very sick and died, Selena announced, “Oh, she is in heaven and Jesus made her all better.” I think one could have probably seen a little tear flow from my eye at that point.

I feel you all have missed so much this past month with Selena. She truly has gone through quite a growth spurt, not just physically but emotionally, and spiritually. It has been such a joy to watch it, but sad not to be able to share it with all of you. Believe me when I say I have missed my blogging.

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  1. It is wonderful to hear she is doing so well.

  2. It sounds like a very special time for Selena. I am sure she will really enjoy school again once you are ready to start a new year.

  3. She's cutting the right things with scissors unlike say..... Princess who cut her hair again last week.

    We have missed a lot, but you're back so we'll get all caught up real soon.

  4. It's good to get caught up, and hear how well Selena is doing.

  5. I take sporadic blogging breaks when life gets hectic and I always feel a little sad at the moments that I didn't get to document :(

  6. It is great to hear how well Selena is doing...sounds like she's really growing up!

  7. I love this update post on Selena's schooling. It sounds like she is doing great!