Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Selena’s Favorite Item In Her Bedroom

I was recently contacted by Heard On The Playground a new blog all about the funny things kids say. When they asked me if I would share a funny story to be shared on their site, and even the possibility of their new book, I just couldn’t resist sharing one of our funniest moments in our new home.

One of the first things that Selena discovered in her new bedroom was a full length mirror on one of her closet doors. She has had so much fun watching herself jump, hop, making faces, and dancing around. This has created for some pretty funny conversations, and incidents since we moved in.

I think one of the funniest thing that Selena did was the day after we moved in, she got her hands on my camera. Now I did not know she had my camera, after all she had been running around the house with her play camera taking pictures all over our new home. I kept hearing her in the bedroom, “Grandma, I can’t turn the flash off!” Then I would hear, “Flash turn off now!” or “Come on anytime flash, you can turn off now.” It wasn’t until a few days later when I was uploading pictures to my computer that I found these.




When I asked her about these pictures, she informed me, “I just wanted to be like everyone else who takes their own pictures, but I just couldn’t get your stupid camera to turn off the flash.” I asked her who takes their own pictures in the mirror? Her answer cracked me up, “You know all your computer friends, and even you Mama! I just wanted to be just like them.” Cue the hint, our children do pay attention to every detail of everything we do, and view on the computer.

The second funniest thing about this mirror came one night when I was putting her to bed. Usually her and I put her toys away and we close the closet doors. Well Selena liked the door with the mirror in a particular position, in the span of 4 sliding doors. On this particular night though, Papa had helped put her toys away, not being aware of how we normally close the doors, he just pulled the mirror to the end of the closet. Selena didn’t notice this until she had climbed into bed. She screamed, when I went into see what she screamed about she pointed to her mirror and said, “My mirror moved!” All Papa could say was, “I didn’t now it had to be in any particular place.”

Head over to Heard On The Playground, you will find many funny stories, and get many great laughs.

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  1. My daughter loves the full length mirror in our bathroom and is always making funny faces at it too

  2. Too funny about trying to get the flash to turn off!!

  3. I saw some adults making flash mistakes like that. Too funny that Selena picked self-portraits from you :)

  4. R loves the full length mirror on the back of her door too!

  5. Oh my, I think Princess would never leave her room if she had a mirror like that.....