Monday, July 25, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend


On Saturday July 2nd we had a beautiful sunny and warm day. Determined to get some rest before I began the task of unpacking the house we retreated to some fun outside. As you can see Selena is very much at home with all the rock gardens around our yard. She hasn’t quite figured out this whole move thing yet though and will look through the holes in the fence to announce that she can see Dan’s house. We have to continue to remind her that we no longer live next door to Dan. She will always ask what happened to his house, or where it is house. One day she informed me that we would just have to go to the old house so she can visit with Dan.


Since we were sitting in our lawn chairs, Selena disappeared in the house only to return with her rocking chair. This is an old rocking chair which use to be Papa’s when he was a little boy, but it is brand new to Selena. I am really glad we held off on giving it to her, as it truly is the right size for her now. Do you think that Selena loves it? You bet she does it is often found in our living room everyday where she sits and watches TV with us. She just loves that it rocks, and I must admit I love the fact that the bell that use to work on it is now broken, I think that would be a bit too much with the way she loves to sit in her rocking chair.




Of course there was a lot of playing on the swing set. I truly love this area where the swing set sits. It is just perfect for Papa and I to sit in our lawn chairs and just watch Selena have fun. Let me tell you it is so much nicer then at our old house, where the back yard was not level, always shady, and in general for us to watch Selena play on her swing we sat in the driveway. Now we get to enjoy an actual back yard. Enjoy it is a bit of a down play to how we truly feel, for we absolutely love this little area or our back yard. It would be a perfect area for a picnic table, sandbox, and of course for those hot days Selena’s swimming pool. All those things would fit nicely in this area, and thanks to a very nice tree next door, we get wonderful shade in the afternoon. Can you see the possibilities for some gardening that can be done next year?

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  1. I can't wait to see all the fun things you guys will do in this space.

  2. It sounds like this move was really the right decision for you.

  3. Anna begs us for the longest time to get her a child-size rocking chair, but we simply don't have space for it. How nice it must be to have this heirloom from Papa.

  4. How wonderful to finally have a proper yard!

  5. Princess loves her rocking chair too. It'd be even more special if it was an heirloom, but instead it's a present from Nana and Granddad. Of course the boys are angling to get their own....