Friday, July 22, 2011

TOS 2011-12 Primary Schoolhouse Planner

When I got the opportunity to review the 2011-12 Primary Schoolhouse Planner from The Old Schoolhouse, I was very excited. I have been looking at this planner for sometime, to actually get it in my hands and really get a good look at it has proven this planner to be my favorite life, and homeschool tool.
You can use this planner by either printing it and putting it in a binder should you wish. They have created the calendars in a nice spreadsheet format, so you can see the entire month at one glance.
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My personal favorite part about this program, is that I can type in all the events I desire on my computer before printing it off, no more messy cross outs, or wondering what it was I scribbled on that day. There is plenty of area to still add notes. They even offer these same calendars with a lined version, for those who would prefer that feature.
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Another feature I absolutely love is all the recommendations they have for reading, from bible stories to Aesop Fables and more. Need some ideas for holiday readings? They have that too. If you love literature, this will be a great supplement to any literature curriculum.
There is a section of “The Information Must Knows.” Rich in bible references from the books of the bible to the Miracles of Jesus, Parables of Jesus, and Biblical Timeline. They also have everything you will need to know to teach the parts of speech, basic grammar for writing in the elementary grades, basic spelling rules, and the complete list of most commonly used words. Do you need some recommendations for picture books, or story starters for the beginning writers? They even have a list for both of these areas.
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Math: You better believe they cover math. Complete with a multiplication table, reference guide for roman numerals. prime numbers, geometry, and money. Believe there is so much in this one little planner, that one could truly use it as a base line for all your education needs.
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I highly recommend this Primary Planner, it is full of everything one needs to supplement or just use as your guide throughout the entire year of homeschooling. They have covered every basis in this. You don’t think so, well there are even pages that you can print out for your child to learn how to print, and even cursive write. There are weekly and daily planners for your use or your students use, to do lists, perfect for those chores around the house.
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Keep all your yearly records, of what did we read, field trips, let’s just say if you want to know what all you have done for the year you will have it logged in this wonderful planner. You won’t need to shuffle through paper work, books, or files to do any of the end of the year summaries or reports you may need to do. This planner has an area for everything. I know we are sure going to get a lot of use from this one little planner. I am looking forward to using it through out the year.
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There is truly so much more to this planner then I mentioned, history from ancient to the modern world, geography, timeline of inventions, and science. I as a homeschooler really can appreciate all the information and work that has gone into this planner. Often when I think of a planner, I think of just a basic calendar to log appointments, and materials we will study, but this planner is so much more. I know that I am going to love using this in our homeschool, as the basic curriculum guide for this year and probably for several more years. I will never hesitate again about purchasing a planner from The Old School House Magazine, I believe they are one of the best planners and guides I have seen.
All of the planners from The Old School House Magazine comes in either a E-Book format or on CD. For The Primary Planner the E-Book is $9.95 and the CD is $14.95. You can order them from The Old School House Magazine Store found here.
I was given a copy of the Primary Planner from The Old School House Magazine in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any way for my review, this is my honest opinion. 
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  1. It really is a cool product. I'm strongly considering buying the full one.