Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our First Few Days

It seems like so long since I have been able to write a post. I truly missed everyone, but I really did not have time to miss my computer. After all we moved in just in time for our Summer weather to finally make it’s way here. This is the first day of Summer and I took time from our unpacking to truly just enjoy the wonderful weather. Selena is in seventh heaven at this point in her life and it is so fun to watch.
I am looking a little tattered at this point, but Selena still had to have her turn with the camera. It is so nice to have such a beautiful yard to enjoy, the back side is more shaded while the front if sunny for most of the day. I will say this much we will have great success at growing a lot of plants next year with all the sun the South side of the house gets.
Even Pal is enjoying the freedom of the large yard. He did really well at first to go out side and stay right with us when we first moved in. He began to venture a little more until he got caught going down across the busy street a couple of times so yes, he has had to go back on his lead. He is such a funny dog though one would think he would rather be in the shady back yard but no he wants to be out front no matter how hot it is in the sun, you see he can see everything from the front. What ever makes him happy.
This is our view from our back yard. To the right side is all the barns. Two of the horses are kept in the back part of the five acres, we haven’t seen too much of them. They are younger horses and very spirited so we’ve been told to be cautious of those two. I have tried to get up close enough to get pictures of them as they both are beauties. They don’t come down too often though. The other horse is pretty much what you would call out to pasture, she is a beautiful blonde colored horse, but upon close inspection one can see that she has had some injuries especially to a back knee. She is so gentle though and loves the attention and attracts most all the neighbors around who will walk over just to give her treats of carrots and apples. Her name is Emma.
Our first day here Selena and I found an egg shell that had hatched and been pushed out of the birds nest. It was funny since it’s location was not near any tree, but instead by the back corner of our house. Well, guess what while we were out enjoying our weather on this day, we noticed the Mommy bird come flying in with a worm then the little one’s just began to chirp. Guess where they are nested?
Can you see the little entry way under the roofing of our house? Here is a better shot.
Their nest is right up there above Selena’s bed. She thought that was pretty cool, and can’t wait to try to see the babies. She enjoyed hearing them, and so starts the mystery.
Last but not least is the only side of our house that I haven’t shown you yet, the side where the front door is and our lovely wrap around porch. We are often found just sitting and enjoying the fresh air from our porch. Believe me we truly do love this home. Just in case you missed it here are the two pictures of the front of the house.
After being raised on a farm, this little farm gal is so thrilled to be back home in the country setting that our new home has provided us. I can honestly say we all love our new home.
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  1. It sounds like things are going really well, and you are settling in nicely! How fun for Selena to have a bird's nest above her bedroom :) I love the wrap-around porch!!

  2. Your home looks beautiful, and how exciting to watch a little baby bird grow up!

  3. I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!!! You guys are truly "home!" *happy happy sigh*

  4. I am envious of your space. It looks like a wonderful place to be. I bet Selena is having a grand time!

  5. It looks like a wonderful home. I'm glad you are all enjoying it!

  6. What a beautiful home. I can see why she's in seventh heaven

  7. It looks like a very beautiful place. I hope you will stay for years and will be happy there.