Friday, July 22, 2011

Our First Visitor

One morning I woke up and as always went to the window to look out at the view. On this particular morning though as Emma the horse was grazing in the lower pasture, I noticed a visitor coming up the driveway.


I loved the way he just stood there looking at me through the window as if he was posing for the picture. Yes, it is a young buck, or a spike. I of course didn’t want Selena to miss this so I went and woke her up. She was so thrilled to think that a deer was in her yard. We discussed how we knew it was a male and not a female, and why it was called a spike, and not a buck, as well as why he didn’t have antlers just yet, and how each year of his life his antlers will grow in larger.

Finally he said goodbye and headed for the back of the house as he moved on.


This leaves me now wondering and considering what type of garden we will be putting in next year. If this fellow returns next year you can bet he will return with a herd of does. I already know all to well what deer can do to a garden, so will have to consider all my options to prevent them from eating all of our hard work. I am however looking forward to seeing how many more of these visitors we will see as Summer ends and Autumn arrives. Not that I am ready for Autumn, as we are still awaiting a summer.

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  1. You probably won't want to plant any roses around the house, either :)

  2. A lot of gardens in our area have that fencing around it to keep deer out. It's becoming a little less common, but there's a lot of people who feed the deer around here, so they're not likely to disappear any time soon.

  3. What a nice first visitor! We get deer just walking down the street in our town. I sometimes have to nudge them down the road a bit in order to drive out of town! We do love to see them, however. We put in a 8 foot fence around our property when we moved in, so we don't get any deer in the yard, but we do get a fair number of squirrels and rabbits. We only have a 1 1/3 of an acres, though, so not too much to fence in. It looks like you have much more there.

  4. I remember how excited I used to get when I saw deers in our yard when I was little in Michigan. We don't get deers here in Florida but we have seen a few wild alligators (thankfully none in our yard!!).

  5. One of our first visitors was a moose eating our hay... My husband was outside in December chasing it away in his bathrobe and rubber boots.

  6. We love to see deer in our yard :)
    We do have to have a fence around our garden beds, though.

  7. This is awesome. I have never lived in the area that was visited by deers myself. You are really close to nature.

  8. That is one exciting visit! My sister gets a lot of deer around her.