Sunday, May 1, 2011

Life Science

Science Sunday

Friday just as we picked Papa up we discovered all the lights were out in the stores. We came on home and decided we would get milk later after the electricity came back on. It just so happens that the power was out in our entire town with two other towns, East and West of us. Selena was just devastated, she did not like the fact that the electricity was out. I quickly made it into a game with her. She ran from room to room trying to find anything in our house that worked without electricity.

She discovered while Grandma’s computer didn’t work, hers did…we explained because of the batteries. She also discovered the piano still worked. She found a lot of things that didn’t work, the lights, as she ran through every room to try every light in the house. She was very upset when she discovered none of the appliances in the kitchen worked, she must have been hungry.

The greatest thing she discovered was that the water still worked, while in the bathroom and she turned to wash her hands. She so slowly turned on the water like she was almost scared to try. When the water slowly came out of the faucet, she screamed with delight, “Water doesn’t have electricity!”

Now she thinks I have the magic touch though. I had to get creative to fix our dinner, so I began to pull the BBQ out of the garage. Just as I opened the garage door, the lights instantly came back on. Now Selena just knows that I fixed the lights when I opened the garage door. I do have to admit it was pretty ironic how that happened.

Another thing I thought was very funny this week, Selena the puppy and I were sitting on the couch. Selena announced that the puppy is a shade of orange, well he is actually blonde colored. I asked her what color she is. Selena looked at her hands with a very curious look on her face, her forehead wrinkled as she tried to figure out how to answer my question. She suddenly announced, “I am white. There are dark people too, but it doesn’t matter we are all the same!”

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  1. So cute :) Funny but I was probably 30 before I learned that city water didn't need electricity :) I remember filing up buckets of snow when our electricity went out, so that we could flush the toilet (the first time in the city for me). My husband knew already, but never thought to tell me. Your little girl is wise, lol.

  2. It's a good thing your not on a well, with an electric pump :)

  3. I'll have to remember this the next time we lose power!

  4. What a great way to deal with the power going out.

    And what a great thing she said when she figured out the colors.

  5. Love how you took an everyday moment and made it a teaching moment

  6. Very good thinking on your part, Debbie, and Selena's comments are just so cute :)

  7. You are very creative being able to turn an unpleasant experience into lesson. We had a power outage once that lasted the whole day - ewww... We ended up running errands all day. Luckily, power came back at about 8 pm - just in time to get Anna to bed.

  8. This is a great idea to use the power outage as a way to show what requires electricity and what doesn't. I'll have to remember that next time we lose power!