Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Sunny Fun

After church we came home to a beautiful 60 degree, sunny day. Since Selena fell asleep in my arms at Church, which believe me I didn’t want to wake her up to come home, we decided not to have naps but head outside to play. Believe me when I say I didn’t want to come home from church, I could have sat there for the next hour or two and just let her sleep in my arms. I don’t think she has fell asleep in my arms like that since she was a baby. I was taking it all in having her cuddled in my arms, face buried in my chest as she so sweetly slept.

Once we got home her and Papa went out and found a tree frog. Of course they didn’t give me enough time to get out there with my camera to get pictures of this sweet little fellow. Selena enjoyed being able to look at him, touch him, then watched as the neighbor took him to a nice big tree and let him go. For the next few minutes Selena had to run around and make frog sounds, telling me all about the little fellow she just discovered.

100_4772 Play for Selena would not be complete if she didn’t sweep our yard, and the neighbor’s yard. Of course she always has to sweep the sidewalk and the driveway as well.

100_4773 We also had to stop and smell the flowers.

100_4774 100_4775 Selena was totally taking in every bit of this flower smelling that she could. Truly these are very large flowers. Good thing there wasn’t any bee in this one.

100_4782 100_4783 What would smelling the flowers be without smelling some dandelions as well.

100_4776 We also discovered that our rhododendrons are finally in bloom. This just happened today in this heat. We had some pretty large buds yesterday, so we were thrilled to discover them opened up and so pretty today.

Poor Selena’s play came to an end though when she was running and fell. She got her first official booboo. She has had scrapes but never something that would require band aides. At least it didn’t require stitches.

100_4784 The rains are suppose to return soon. We are praying that the rains get pushed back away from us and they miss us all together. No matter we had a fun day playing, and learning in the yard Sunday afternoon. Selena is so ready for the weather to stay like this, she wanted her swimming pool brought out and didn’t understand why we said it was still to early. We will just continue to take advantage of what nice days we do get to go out and explore.

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  1. I wouldn't want to wake her up either - so sweet.

    I hope you have more nice weather.

  2. The flower smelling looks like so much fun. The booboo, not so much. But that's part of being a kid.

  3. Seriously that's her first Owie! Maybe she can teach my kiddos about being careful

  4. How sweet that Selena fell asleep in your arms. I love the picture of her with rhododendrons. We are enjoying beautiful days here as well.