Saturday, April 30, 2011

What My Child is Reading

This week Selena received a package in the mail. She was so thrilled and couldn’t wait for me to open it for her. We have been receiving so many wonderful free gifts since we subscribed to The Old School House Magazine. I use to get this magazine years ago, so was thrilled to get another one in my hand. This package that Selena got came from Library and Educational Services.

100_4769 I think you can see from the picture above that Selena was about over the top receiving 9 books. We have first readers, science, geography, and bible in this bundle. We haven’t read them all, but I will touch on the ones that we have read.


The Bobbsey Twins, Freddie and Flossie and Snap by Laura Lee Hope illustrated by Chuck Pyle is a Ready-to-Read book. Selena loved the fact that she could pick this brand new book up and read it totally independently. The illustrations are very well done, and the story while very short is about a pair of twins and their dog. It truly is a first reader and I would recommend it for any child learning to read.

51HBOqkzKhL._SL500_AA300_ How Do You Move by Ellen Catala is a Yellow Umbrella Book Science for early readers. This book was more on Selena’s reading level. She enjoyed reading about how her body moves in comparison to how different animals move. It introduces new vocabulary words which are highlighted in the book. I also appreciated that it has a glossary of the new vocabulary words in the back of the book. While it is still simple it would be a great first science book for a young child rather they are able to read yet or not.

!!eB)5rwEGM~$(KGrHqJ,!mIEz 0E27skBNQ4yoEdQg~~_32 Young Animal Pride Series Young Peggy by Dave and Pat Sargent illustrations by Elaine Woodward is a character development book which talks about the dangers of wandering off. This is a story about two porcupines who wonder off while playing. They end up having a scary adventure but eventually meet back up with their mothers. I like the fact that while this book is talking about the dangers of wandering off, it also describes what a porcupine is. It would be a great book to add to a nature science theme unit study, or to introduce your little hiker into the dangers out on the trail.

We did a lot of other reading here too, but I really wanted to take the time to share Selena’s surprise box this week.

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  1. The last one, Young Animal looks like a good one for my kids.

  2. I'll have to remember the Bobsy Twin book for C.

  3. I remember the Bobsey twins!!!!!!

    What a great surprise!

  4. How exciting to receive so many books! I would have been about over the top too :)

  5. Young Animal series look interesting. It's great that Selena got so many good books. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  6. I remember the Bobbsey Twins chapter books from when I was a kid. Cool that they are available as early readers. Thanks for the recommendation.