Sunday, May 15, 2011

Learning to Write

Selena has discovered that she indeed can write more then she thought she could. We have been building a lot of letters and numbers with our arrows that I made for her. If you missed that post you can find it here. Sure there are letters that she gets a little confused over like S and Z but she is able to correct her mistake with no frustration nor prompts from me. It truly warmed my heart when she wrote her name in my Mother’s Day card. 100_4822 This dry erase board book has become one of her all time favorite learning toy she has. She will sit down throughout the day and practice her letters and numbers. She writes on all the white boards at the church, and any piece of paper that she finds here at home. We have noticed that as she is becoming more aware of a writing skill, that is just beginning, her ability to read and spell is unreal. She catches me off guard all the time as she reads something that I had no idea she could read, or spell a word that I didn’t even know she could spell. She is now spelling 5 and 6 letter words, we’ve never worked beyond 4 letter words.

It will be exciting to see everything that Selena learns in the following year.

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  1. Princess has a toy like that and loves it. Te boys could care less

  2. This sounds awesome. Anna is still not too interested in writing even though she does get better with time.

  3. awesome! my girls love their dry erase boards too! It really gets them writing and trying to spell. I love it.

    It's so nice when they know more than you think they do. They are truly such sponges at this age - it never fails to amaze me!

    New follower from hip homeschool hop