Saturday, May 14, 2011

We Read


Evenings are not complete until Selena has Papa read as many books as she can get him to read to her. While her and I read throughout the day, she just isn’t happy until Papa and her share their story time. He has always been so good to stop what he is doing, sit or sometimes lay down and read as many books as she asks for.

100_4819 I just love to watch the two of them reading. Selena’s eyes float from the words on the page to the pictures, and she truly is so involved in the story she hardly notices if I take pictures. Reading has always been a very important part of our family time. It’s not unusual to find the three of us cuddled up together sharing the books that Selena chooses to have read to her.

Reading to your child and teaching them to read in my opinion truly opens up the world to them. I just don’t know any other activity that promotes closeness in the family. Have you ever stopped to think how much exercise the brain gets when one is reading? Think about it, there is so much going on, visually seeing the words and pictures, interpreting those words and pictures, imagination as the brain processes the information to form your own pictures of the story, as well as listening skills when someone is reading to you. Reading is the number one thing we can give to our children that will promote learning, and give them the skills they will need to learn.

Of course Selena figured out I was taking pictures so she had to take some and then ask Papa to take a picture of her and myself.

100_4820 100_4816 100_4821 Oh how her picture skills are improving. No more just random shots of her feet, the ceiling, her thumb, or what ever else might be in the room that ends up in focus in the camera. Maybe she will end up being a photographer.

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  1. We have reading time every evening with Dad as well. Selena is taking some nice photos!

  2. I agree that family reading is SO important!
    Nice hair :)

  3. Those are some great pictures!

    I agree reading time is so important and the kids LOVE it so much.

  4. She really is getting good with the camera!

  5. I agree about the importance of reading. I like the fact that even though daughter reads fluently on her own, she still loves for us to read to her or for the whole family to read together. Love your new hair style, you look great!