Monday, May 16, 2011

Charades and More

Selena played her first ever real game of charades in Sunday school yesterday. We were continuing our discussion on family and our lesson plan was about how families learn together. I put a game together of Charades, where I made cards that had things on them that either we do as a family or that we learn from our families, such as tie your shoes, ride a bike, sing, the list went on from there. I explained the game as we sat in a circle on the floor. When it came to Selena’s turn, she happily drew her card, and whispered what it said in my ear, (I had her do that to make sure she knew what it said). Her first card was sing, Selena piped out, “I am singing a happy song!” We laughed, and I announced, “Ooops, I forgot to tell her that she isn’t suppose to use her voice, but only pretend to be singing.” Selena didn’t give up though, she wasn’t embarrassed, or upset, she watched and made guesses of what the others were doing until it was her turn again. This time she drew the card that read, ride a bike. We all got such a kick out of her walking over to the wall, pretending to throw her leg over her bike, and standing in a straddling position, looking back at us with a huge grin on her face, waiting for us to guess what she was doing. I finally looked at the oldest girl in our class and whispered what she was suppose to be doing, so she jumped up and helped Selena figure out some other ways to act this out. Selena was pretty proud of herself since it took so long for the rest of the class to figure out what she was doing. Now that is my little trooper. She never gives up!

I truly have been so proud of how well Selena has adjusted to being in Sunday school, while she is the youngest in the class, she has that drive to keep up the best she can with the older children. She gets along great with them all, joins in on the discussions, and the activities. She never ceases to surprise us with the materials she will read aloud, or to inform the class all the information she has learned. She waits and takes her turn to answer the questions, raising her hand and waits to be called on. Sometimes this surprises even me, since she isn’t use to a classroom type setting, but at the same time I am glad that she has caught on to this concept and understands that this is how everyone gets a turn. She also excepts the fact that she won’t get to go first all the time, I’ve chose to work it this way, so that she isn’t getting special privileges just because she is the youngest, or my granddaughter. While sometimes her responses do not always fully answer the question, she never strays from the topic.

I suppose most of all I am truly feeling blessed to be able to witness this stage with Selena, her first official Sunday school class, the maturity she is showing, and being a part of her first beginnings. It has been a fun few weeks, and I look forward to starting fresh with all new curriculum next month. Then it will truly begin to take on the feel of my teaching style, and flow in the manner I envision. I have a great group of kids in my class, we have fun, learn a lot, and they all get along so well.

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  1. Sounds so fun! I loved charades-well still do.

  2. My little ones have never played charades - we'll have to try.

    I'm glad Sunday School is going well!

  3. I am proud of your daughter Selena. I am hoping its a fun game. We will also try to play this game.

  4. I think it's great that Selena is in class with older kids. She can learn so much from them.

  5. I bet Selena is loving being I'm a class with older kids