Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Geography/History Tid Bits


I really wanted to get pictures of all the beauty on our travels today, but unfortunately we were running a little late getting out of here, so I did the driving. Papa tends to drive slower then I do, so when we are running a little late I know better then to ask him to drive. No, I do not speed, I have been known to at one time or another, but with cruise control I am able to just keep my speed and go!

When we hit Aberdeen, Selena looked up the river to see the two tall ships, the Lady Washington, and The Hawaiian Chieftain, who call Aberdeen their home port, with all sails up and sailing up river. Oh at that point I wanted to stop the car and get pictures, but we were on the wrong side of the Highway for that. When we came back through there was only one of the tall ships still in sight, and it was pulled into a cove, hard to get a good picture of.

This did however, open the door for a lot of questions by Selena about Pirates. Are these pirate ships? Were all sailors considered pirates? The questions went on and on, and after every question in her best pirate voice she had to say ARG! I just discovered that they are giving tours of the ships tomorrow, and hope to take Selena down, then we will get pictures and many of her questions answered. I will share more about that if we are able to get down there for a tour.

I did however, turn this around and asked Selena what were some of the other means of travel before the cars and trucks or any motorized form of transportation. She thought about it for a minute and then exclaimed covered wagon. I asked her who traveled by covered wagon, and of course she remembered The Little House on The Prairie and answered with “Laura and Mary.”

When we got home she wanted to build a covered wagon, of course I knew she wanted to build one like this one.

100_3861_thumb1 Since it was late, and about time for bedtime, I chose to build one she could sit in and truly enjoy. With two chairs and a blanket, we created a covered wagon that Selena thought was pretty cool.

100_4805 100_4808 I again asked her if she knew of anyone that traveled by wagon? She looked at me and said the pioneers. I then told her that some of her own family had traveled by wagon train from Kentucky to Promise Oregon where they homesteaded. We came to the computer and found a route most commonly used that may have been the same trail our family traveled. I will probably never really know for sure, but I am taking my best educated guess that this is the route they took.

oregon_trail Selena went back to enjoying her covered wagon again until time to get ready for bed. I promised we would rebuild it tomorrow for some more fun. It is so fun when just a few questions can turn a ordinary moment into a time for learning.

Just because I love to share the exciting things that Selena does: While waiting in the doctor’s office a woman acknowledged Selena’s reading ability. She said she use to be a Kindergarten teacher. Selena turned and just started telling her all about bees, from them flying into the bee hive, collecting nectar from flowers and using that to make honey. She then grabbed a bible that was on one of the tables and informed her what the first 10 books of the bible were, in order, and that last Sunday our bible story was from the book of Ruth, which is followed by 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. I wondered if she was listening in Sunday school, I guess now I know that she is.

Now it is your turn to share with us what you have studied in Geography or History in your homes this week. Link your post below.

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  1. I love your covered wagon. C and R loved learning about the Oregon trail and I think they would like me to make them a covered wagon they can sit in!

  2. I love your covered wagon - brilliant!

  3. Covered wagon is a great idea. Anna loves that her top bunk has a cover over it - she always pretends that this is her wagon. I hope you will make it to the ships.

  4. A covered wagon would be wildly popular here too

  5. I've been wanting to make one. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  6. So many great things in this post...I, too, love the covered wagon. I hope you get back to see the big ships and can take pictures :)