Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Education Not so Much This Week

This has definitely been one of those weeks around our home that nothing was able to get accomplished. Actually it all began last week, when I had to make the two trips to Olympia. One was to take Papa up for blood work. He has been feeling very tired, achy and just not himself for quite a while now. We thought it might be his thyroid, but the results came back as normal, so off to Olympia we go again today to start the process of trying to find out what is going on.

Our second trip to Olympia was for Selena’s dentist appointment. We decided after her last visit to the dentist to see if we couldn’t find an actual pediatric dentist. We lucked out and did find one though they are not preferred providers under our insurance they do all the paper work and we just pay whatever our insurance doesn’t pay. What a huge difference in the experience that Selena had. Everyone there were great. Selena actually allowed the dentist, not the hygienist to clean her teeth, well all but two, that is only because he caught her lip a little bit. The last dentist told us she was having a decay problem, this alarmed me as to what to do, why it wasn’t being addressed. This dentist told us that this is not the case. She does a couple bottom teeth that have some darkening, but this is not decay nor a cavity. Since the teeth and area are still very hard, there is nothing to worry about. What a relief that was to hear.

We have had one appointment after another over the course of less then a week. I am expecting to get about 15 pounds of hamburger to prepare for our Taco feed at the church on Sunday. I guess one can only guess at this point that we are just so not worrying about anything that is formal learning. We did however take a detour in our travels yesterday and discovered how to get down to the Tall Ships so now we will go back and get pictures, and if we are lucky they might be giving some tours. I would love to go aboard The Lady Washington! Did you know they used her in the filming of one of the Pirates of the Caribbean?

If I can talk Papa into driving today, I might try to get pictures of what we see through our travels. Believe me though it is long it is a very beautiful drive. So much beauty surrounds us, that I hope to share it all with you.

This is another reason I love homeschooling, I can have schedule changes, the unexpected things life throws at us, and not worry about getting Selena to school, nor how am I going to get home to pick her up. I also feel it is times like this that will teach Selena that while we have the best laid out plans or routine, that life happens, so just meet it head on and don’t let it destroy your entire day. Life lessons are the BEST!

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  1. I hope they find out what is going on with Selena's papa! Glad there are no dental issues. We can't find a pediatric dentist here who will let me in the room. Fortunately, my dentist did a good job with Crumpet. We have one of the Pirates of the Caribbean ships here - so cool! And yes, that is one of the best things about homeschooling. Flexibility! I hope next week is slower for you!

  2. I hope everything is okay with Papa.

    I agree about life learning. Poor C returned to school yesterday after missing 4 days while we were in FL and he had 12 pages of homework plus he had to stay in from recess to do work he missed. I thought about how nice it would be to homeschool and just work around our schedule.

  3. Life lessons are the best---we are off to a dentist apt ourselves! ;)

  4. Seems like spring always seems to have things that distract us from the books, but like you said, they learn from those times as well.

  5. I agree that is one of the benefits of homeschooling.

    I hope you can get pictures, that would be fun to see.

  6. I totally agree about life lessons and the benefits of homeschooling! We homeschooled through high school and found the freedom homeschooling gave us to be absolutely awesome - and our children still graduated from college with all A's despite our many schedule changes! Visiting from the Hip Homeschool Hop. Deb @ LivingMontessoriNow.com

  7. I am sorry that Michael is not feeling well. Hopefully you will get to the root cause. I totally agree with you - sometimes I sure wish we had more control over our schedule.