Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Tall Ships


The above picture is of the Lady Washington which I took about 5 years ago when Papa and I got to tour the Tall Ships with some friends on their cabin cruiser. There were Tall Ships from all over the World all docked in Tacoma. We got right up and very personal with all these ships as we boated in, made the circle turn around and exited the Port of Tacoma. Lady Washington was actually out in the Sound giving her visitors a show of firing her cannons. This picture was taken just as we were leaving the Port and she was heading in. This was the very first time I had ever seen any Tall Ship other then on TV.

I really wanted to take Selena down yesterday to go on board and tour this ship, unfortunately our weather did not hold out. We woke to it chilly and cloudy, but I didn’t give up hope that we could go. They were giving tours between 4:00 and 5:00, but by noon the rains had began. Throughout the rest of the day I kept trying to be optimistic that the weather would improve, but it just rained harder, until about 7:00 when the sun came out just in time to get ready to set. She leaves home port tomorrow headed for Westport. Saturday they will be doing tours again, I would love to drive out to Westport and try to get aboard. We will have to see what Saturday brings. I know though that if we don’t get to tour her this time, we will the next time she comes back home. Maybe then we will even pay the price and not only tour her, but go sailing aboard her.

I am however getting ready to go on an exciting trip. I just found out yesterday that I made it as a crew member for The Old Schoolhouse Crew. I am prepared, ready, and excited to set sail! I truly am looking forward to using and reviewing all the different curriculum that they send my way. I believe Selena and I will have so much fun, and I feel confident that even you might just find something that you like.

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  1. I think the tall ships are so cool. I went to see them once in Newport, RI.

    Congrats on your new adventure!

  2. Congrats on being selected. I am sure Selena will enjoy access to so many different tools. Good luck!

  3. Too bad you missed the Tall ship tours. They are beautiful. I saw them in Annapolis, MD. I am sure you and Selena are going to have fun with the new curriculum.

  4. You just can't count on weather! I'm looking forward to reading all those reviews :)

  5. Congrats on being selected! I'm still so excited for you

    The ship is gorgeous

  6. Just checking to see if your comments were back yet either. Looks like not. Sigh, the adventures of blogger. Oh well, at least the posts are back.