Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Geography/History Grays Harbor Staycations

Tonya at Live the Adventure is hosting a staycation, listing all the fun things families can do that is close to their home. Go check it out there are already so many great ideas from other bloggers from all over the US. I know for us this year we will be doing a lot of staycation activities.
We have so much all around us here in Grays Harbor, WA. Endless beaches to explore, mountain lakes, rivers and streams. There is always something going on and guess what most all of it is FREE. Sure you will have to pay a little for gas to get there, your food (you can dine out or pack a picnic lunch), and one can’t forget a souvenir. I think you can see that we have so much to do here that won’t break the family budget.
I thought I would tell you a little bit about what our family has done, before telling you about all the other wonderful fun activities that Grays Harbor has to offer. Some of the things right here within a 15 minute drive from our home is Sylvia Lake. There is camping, hiking, fishing, picnic areas and a whole lot of fun.
We have some beautiful parks near the Chahalis River, again they offer camping, hiking, fishing, and picnic areas. Our favorite one is Friends Landing.
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We also enjoy going to the beaches. One of our favorite beaches is Grayland, which is just South of Westport. One can spend hours watching the Ocean, playing in the sand, but remember our Ocean waters are cold so not much swimming is to be had. Up the way there is a lighthouse though that give tours, there is a charge, but it really is very reasonable.
I could probably overwhelm you with all the things that we have done. There are many back roads to explore, nature trails to hike, and always new things to discover.
If you want to truly experience what we have to offer, then you would want to check out our schedule of events. Most all of these events are free. From Pirate Days, Kite Festivals, Art Festivals, Parades, Car Shows, Loggers Day, The Tall Ships, oh the list could go on and on. Then of course we can’t forget the Grays Harbor Fair.
We’ve lived here 6 years, and we still have not seen nor experienced everything that Grays Harbor has to offer. If you want to take a day trip, you could always visit the Olympic National Forest, the rain forest, Long beach, and let me tell you the drive along the coastline is beautiful just in itself.
I hope that for those of you who are planning on a staycation this year, you will take the time to truly explore everything there is to do in your area. Just do a little research, as you may find something you didn’t even know about.
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  1. We will be staying close to home this summer since I will be very pregnant. I love to explore new museums, playgrounds, spend time at the beach, go on nature hikes, have picnics, and the occasional day trip.

  2. Even though we love travel, we are making a point of making one week of staycation every year in the summer and one around Christmas. Possibilities around us are truly endless. Thanks for sharing your own adventures with us.

  3. I love to explore our local area, so I'll have to write a post about a staycation in the Austin area!

    Your area sounds so nice. Though, I don't think I'd do well with all the rain and gray days you guys get up there.....

  4. We'll probably end up doing a lot around here this summer too, though I have to admit the wander bug has really bitten me - my sister is in Ireland right now - I'd love to just jump on a plane and join her! Not going to happen, but it would be fun :)