Thursday, May 26, 2011

Writer’s World

Selena chose her favorite stuffed toy to write about this week. We took a picture of him and I printed it off. She then began to dictate her story to me.

hoppy hoppy1

Hoppy By Selena

Hoppy lives in the picture by himself.

He likes to sit down with the placemats.

He loves home.

He is so nice.

He loves me.

Then Hoppy says, “He loves new things.”

Hoppy smells good by his feet.

Hoppy sleeps with me every night.

Hoppy has been with me for ages ago.

I will keep Hoppy forever.

The End.

Just a little history behind Hoppy. He is the first stuffed animal that Selena’s mommy bought her for her first Easter. Selena has never been without Hoppy. She takes him everywhere she goes, but he must stay in the car. There is only a few places that he is allowed to go in with her. She does not go to bed at night without him, not for naps, nor bedtime. She sucks her thumb while holding the silky part of his feet under her nose. She truly has a very special relationship with Hoppy. I am sure she will look back on him even after the time comes that she doesn’t pack him around all the time, as a very special friend, and part of her life.

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  1. Selena did a great job :) She's wanting to write more, I notice. The key must be to find topics that are really important to her, like Hoppy.

  2. Looked over and realized I hadn't commented........ Glad I did because that was such a sweet story.

    Her story telling is really coming along.

  3. This is a sweet story! Anna does same thing with her favorite blanket - she holds it under her nose while falling asleep. Because it's so absolutely important, blankie is not allowed to live upstairs unless we are traveling :)