Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Architecturally Speaking

Lately Selena has been consumed with building towers. We would chuckle as she would build a single tower of blocks then try to find ways to make it stand, sometimes using my lamp to lean it against to prevent it from falling. We’ve tried to show her and help her to realize if she uses the larger blocks for the base, then the smaller blocks on top she might be more successful.

While she has had a lot of fun with this, she has also become a little frustrated at times when her tower would collapse. We just continued to encourage her to keep trying. For weeks now, everyday she would pull her blocks out and make several attempts to get the perfect tower.

Today she shrilled with joy as she yelled, “Mama, Look at my tower!”


She tried to add more to this tower only to have it collapse on her shortly after this picture was taken. Determined to not let the blocks get the best of her, she started the process again, this time she took over the camera in order to explain her process.


She first took a picture of her base, as you notice she added more blocks to it.


Her picture of her finished tower, it was so tall she was having problems getting it all in the picture. With that said, I took the camera and took one last shot of her tower before it toppled over the top of her head.


It’s been fun watching Selena using her problem solving skills to make a tower that she was truly proud of. Also to have her demonstrate that she was indeed listening to our thoughts, ideas, and suggestions on how she might make her tower taller and sturdy. What will be next?

To be honest, I think Selena needs to start working on her photography skills. I am amazed over how well she uses the camera and the quality of the pictures that she is taking, at 4 years old.

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  1. I think its funny she was making a photo-tutorial - sounds like a blogger in the making :)

  2. I'm with Leah, the photo tutorial is awesome!

    Her skills are pretty good, I think it helps that she had a purpose beyond just wanting to take pictures

  3. I also like a photo tutorial! It's great that Selena was so intent on making a perfect tower.

  4. I love the photo tutorial too!