Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Forgot Us

That is what Selena said this morning when she woke up to yet another cloudy day. We were so anxious this year to get out and really check out all the changes of Spring. Now what trees did blossom have lost all their blossoms, the usual back yard full of buttercups has only been a few scattered buttercups that dared to pop their heads out. We talked tonight about how wet and muddy the parks are still. Selena informed me she would just wear her swim suit, but I don’t think that would last long with the cooler temperatures we are having.

I truly feel like my homeschool ideas have had to be put on the back burner. I truly do not know where to go from  here. We are longing to move our school outside get our hands dirty and explore our world. I know Selena is a little tired at this point of our normal phonics, reading, spelling, math, and even her beloved geography just seems to be slipping into the background. We are all longing to just get out and discover new places, explore new things, and enjoy being outside.

It leaves me wondering where to go from here. We do have sun in the forecast for the next few days before the rain once again returns. During this time I know we will get out as much as we can, but I know I have one 4 year old that has this endless amount of energy that she is going to want to run off, that to pull her concentration in on any one thing will be very difficult. Our outside time will probably be spent in our yard, since the hiking trails are still so wet and due to all the rains and cooler temperatures we have had we are still experiencing a lot of Spring run off. We hit the trails last year before the Spring run off was over, and discovered many of our trails were impassable.

To get to the point of my post, if you do not hear from us for a while, you will know that we are busy playing. If we do get some nature study in I will let you know. If I seem a little unplugged this week, you will know that we are having way too much fun to take time to sit down at the computer, after all these days we have to enjoy the sunshine when ever the opportunity does arise. After all this year it just doesn’t seem like the clouds, winds, and rain wants to let go for more then a day or two, just long enough to tease us before they return to leave us disappointed and feeling a bit discouraged.

I know many of you are experiencing very similar weather patterns and will understand just how we are feeling about now. Believe me as I write this post I am laughing inside, while one part of me is saddened for Selena. Maybe it is a good thing though as it doesn’t remind her that she truly has out grown her bike, but we are truly hoping for a few more months use before we buy her a larger one. You know if it continues to rain like it is, we wouldn’t even have to worry about that, but that isn’t something I want believe me. I would much rather worry about buying her a bike so she can use it then have this one that is too small sitting in the garage crying out for a nice sunny day to pull it out and be rode.

Anyway we will see you on the other side, when we truly have something worth blogging about. I just really feel strong right now that we need to take that little break, enjoy what nice weather we might get and remember that nature is always going to be around us, and with that said, we can always study our world at a later time. I can assure you that no matter what we find to do we will be having the time of our lives, for at least a few days anyway. Hope everyone has a good week!

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  1. I know what you mean. It seems like it has been raining for 2 months straight. I had such great plans for some nature studies and outside school, too. But, everything is always so wet...even on the days it's not raining. It has been very frustrating!

  2. I feel your pain - it has been raining for three straight days and it is supposed to continue until at least Sunday! It's cold too. I hope you get some sun.

  3. Can you send that rain here? It's not even summer yet officially and they're already talking drought here and water rationing.

    I'll gladly switch you some sunny days for some rain.

    Have fun playing!

  4. We have rain here in CA too. Luckily, all we have planned this week are doctor appointments. Looking forward to summer!

  5. Our rainy season is over here and the nicest part of the year is here. Enjoy your time outdoors!

  6. I do hope that you get to enjoy some time outside and take a break.