Thursday, April 21, 2011

Story Time

I thought this worked right in with the curriculum I am reviewing. They have an area for an Essay, then another area for a short Essay. Well, now Selena is no where to the point of writing an Essay, so we used the theme for Story Time.

mudpit Mud Pit By Selena

Selena sank in the mud pit.

The water goes through the mud.

This is like quicksand because it is very wet, dirty and you sink.

The End.

She had her choice to write about our mud pit or one of our visits to the ocean beach. She chose the mud pit, probably because she remembers all to well what it felt like to sink in the mud, fall and come out so dirty.

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  1. I think that mud pit experience is going to stick with her for a while!

  2. She is very upset about that mud pit. It'll probably help keep her form getting into it again.

  3. Selena will be on Twitter one day - she expresses all her feelings in very short bursts :)