Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Geography/History Quicksand


As I mentioned in our Science post that you can find here, I am using and preparing a review for a curriculum from TOS, the topic is Quicksand, you must wait and read my review to find out more about this curriculum. I will say this much we are having a lot of fun and are learning quite a bit. This couldn’t have come at a better time for us, well yes it would have been nice if our weather would have dried out a bit more so we could get out and really explore, but mud pits have been on our minds a lot around here. We got so much rain this winter that everything turned into a huge mud pit. If not for some wonderful rock and gravel being brought in the entire front of our house by the street would have been a huge mud pit, and at times we might not have gotten our vehicle out.

100_4640 You can see in the above picture the new gravel that was brought in, and our mud pit. Selena fell into that mud pit one day while playing. It scared her pretty good, as she sunk a bit and even had mud go down the back of her pants. Thank goodness for mud rooms. As we have been studying about quicksand Selena got a little concerned that she might just sink too far and not be able to get out. However she has been learning quite a bit and that fear has now been filled with excitement.

She has learned that quicksand can be found most anywhere around lakes, rivers, streams, underground water sources, and even the ocean beaches. However, she has learned that there is three States that are notable for large quicksand pits, Texas, Kentucky, and Oregon. I printed out a map of the United States, and she colored these states in brown, for quicksand.

quicksand She also pointed these States out on our US map on the wall.

100_4706 100_4704 100_4703 Stay tuned for my full review to come out soon. Now it is your turn to link up what you are studying in Geography/History.

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  1. I remember being afraid of quicksand as a kid - there must have been a movie or something that triggered that fear, maybe Indiana Jones.

  2. How cool. I remember reading somewhere about how to get out of it.

    I also remember seeing The Princess Bride and thinking quicksand sure does act fast.

  3. I like the mix of physical and political geography. Great lesson.

  4. I also seem to remember a movie with quicksand, but it wasn't Princess Bride. I think it was one of Sherlock Holmes movies. I've never really experienced quick sand, it must be pretty frightening. Good thing that you mud pit wasn't very deep.

  5. Well, I definitely never thought of having a lesson on quicksand. I'm sure my kids would think that was very cool!