Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

Last night we started the process of coloring our Easter Eggs. After they were boiled and while still hot I rolled some of them in shaved crayon. I got this idea from another blog, but by the time I tried to go back and find the blog, I couldn’t remember where it was nor could I find it. If this was your idea please let me know.


I think if I were ever to use the crayons like this again though I would set the eggs in a rack and pour the crayons over them, then let them melt down the sides. The eggs were very hot, and I couldn’t find the right supplies to really handle them. We then had to let them cool before we could go any further. Selena was disapointed to have to wait, so I treated to her very first Root Beer Float. At first she informed me “No way am I eating that ice cream after you have put pop on it.” My granddaughter can not stand the taste of pop of any flavor.

100_4716 It wasn’t long though that I persuaded her to give it a try. She discovered it tasted pretty good. She even liked the flavor of the pop after the ice cream had dissolved a bit into it, but she still refused to drink it. I then decided we would finish coloring the eggs first thing in the morning.

Selena was pretty excited when she got up this morning and we began the process to finish our eggs.

100_4720 Just a few pictures of the ones that we really liked.

100_4730 100_4729 Now she is anxious to show Papa when he gets home. She actually woke up at 3:00 a.m. as she got a little chilly, it was cold last night. I got up and got her another blanket, when she looked into our bedroom to discover that Papa wasn’t home, she sobbed so hard. It didn’t take me long to calm her and get her back to sleep. I am with her about it being time for Papa to come home.

MaryAnne at Mama Smiles, directed me to her post where she decorated their eggs like this. I am pretty sure this is where I got the idea, so head on over and see her beautiful Easter eggs here.

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  1. The eggs look very pretty! I just saw this technique at Mama Smiles blog (she used it last year).

  2. We've decorated eggs like this, although I don't know if that's where you saw it. We usually roll the eggs around with a fork or spoon, because they are very hot. They look pretty, though! Here are the ones we made last year:

  3. The eggs look pretty! We are decorating ours tonight.

  4. How gorgeous! I'd have to do a bunch of crayon shaving though..... I wonder if I could do that in my pencil sharpener without ruining it?

    We did it with onion skins yesterday and the kids enjoyed that, once they got to see the results.

  5. They are really pretty!! I think it is funny that she doesn't like "pop."

  6. Lovely eggs :) We've been decorating eggs over the past two days...our science experiments for this week. I'll be posting about it very soon (probably later tonight).

    Root beer floats sound yummy!

  7. How beautiful your Easter eggs & loved the bright colors. Thanks for sharing. Check out my easter blog -