Thursday, April 14, 2011

Play Rehearsal

On Tuesday evening we took Selena over to our Pastor’s house where they had the first rehearsal for the Palm Sunday play. The kids were running around being goofy before rehearsal started, just plain having fun.




Rehearsal itself went great and Selena even got another line to learn. She will be saying “Bye Jesus, Bye!” Now I have to make her costume! After rehearsal, Carrie, the Pastor’s wife had a surprise for the kids.

100_4680 Can you guess what Selena is running for? What do you think it could be?

100_4684 Here is another hint….do you see it hidden away there in the daffodils?

100_4682 An Easter egg hunt!! The kids had a blast finding all the Easter eggs, some had candy while others were empty. Selena always has such a good time and so much fun with the children from church.

We as homeschoolers hear so many times the question concerning socialization. I truly was very proud of Selena while with the other kids. The boys were making fun of her and teasing her since she had her hoppy (bunny rabbit) with her. They took it away from her and was really trying to get her goat. Selena just grinned, and turned around to play with the girls. She could care less what the boys were doing or saying, it didn’t even bother her that they had hoppy. The boys finally gave up on their game and just came up and handed Selena her hoppy, she thanked them, dropped hoppy on the ground as if to say, “See I don’t need him as bad as you think I do,” and continued to laugh, giggle and play. The fact that she was able to not let the boys get her goat, pretty much just ignore them was so much assurance to Papa and myself, that Selena does have everything she needs, including other friends. Just so you don’t get the wrong picture of the boys, they are not mean boys and play with Selena very well, this was just one of those moments, where given the opportunity to do a little fun teasing, they took advantage of it. They truly were not trying to be mean nor rude towards Selena, I know it was all in fun, but she sure got them.

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  1. It's nice to have a good church group - it looks like Selena was really having fun!

  2. We had a similar experience with Crumpet - a boy took a special toy in order to start a fight (he truly was a mean boy). Crumpet just ignored the whole thing until I got the toy back, and then told the boy he still liked him even though he was mean. I think raising these kids at home with tons of love gives them the self esteem and strength to handle the mean things others are capable of .

  3. It does look like Selena is having a great time! Good for her, handling that situation so well :)

  4. What fun pictures. I hope she has a blast at the play. I am looking forward to seeing her costume.