Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Tid Bits

As many of my readers remember we were blessed to have some beautiful weather for a few days over the past weekend. We had a lot of fun playing outside. I was truly feeling hopeful as this week started that Spring was truly trying to arrive. The last few days though have brought cold temperatures and rain. Ok, so Mr. Winter wants to hang around a little bit longer. I must admit though that unfortunately with this jumping around in the weather my poor hands, feet, knees and neck are really starting to bother me, arthritis is no fun.

We are getting things ready for Palm Sunday. Ticia where are you when I could use you to make Selena’s costume? I know you could whip one up so fast, as I sit here struggling with what to use for it. The person in charge of the play was showing us how to use a sheet to make the costume last night at rehearsal, but Selena refused to be so bundled up…so off I go to find something else to use. I can’t say I blame her though, I don’t think I would want a sheet wrapped and tied around me in such a fashion.

Papa is getting ready to go on a business trip leaving Sunday and not returning until late Thursday. I must admit I am not looking forward to his absence and I am sure that Selena is really going to miss him. While this is a business trip, I do believe Papa will enjoy some down time with some of his friends and co-workers. He does need some time to get refreshed, laugh and have some fun with people other then us.

As for Selena and I we truly do not have many plans for this time that Papa is gone. Selena does have a play date on Tuesday afternoon. She is going to go play with the Pastor’s boys for about 4 hours in the afternoon. As for myself I don’t know what I will do yet. I have thought of seeing if a friend of mine would like to go with me to have a good Mexican dinner. I have really been craving some good Mexican food, and my family is not real fond of Mexican food, so I might just see if this will work out. Either that or I will come home and enjoy 4 hours of complete quiet, which will probably drive me batty.

I have been noticing that more and more families are interested in exchanging postcards of late. I wanted to share with you a family who is looking for other families interested in swapping postcards. You can visit My Grace Is Sufficient For Thee, I know they would love to start receiving and sending postcards. I know for us our adventures through the postcard exchange has been so much fun, and has opened up our geography studies in so many ways.

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  1. Heres my suggestion. Get a large mens tshirt handsome rope. The shirt will be long enough for a dress and the rope could be the belt. If that doesn't look right get a half yard of fabric and put that over her shoulder for effect

    Eat the Mexican food is my vote. I'm all for chips and salsa

  2. I love Mexican food. I hope you get to enjoy that time.

    Our weather has been crazy - it was 60 one day and they 40 the next.

  3. Thanks for the link - I might sign up for another postcard exchange. Anna loves receiving mail. I hope you will find some quiet moments too when Papa is gone on the business trip.

  4. Hi Debbie, just wanted to say thank you for letting everyone know that my family is wanting to exchange postcards with others from other locations. I was going to let you know that I have switched my blog over to Traci's Teaching Times at; http// I would be happy for you and others to come visit me over there.