Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Geography/History Palm Sunday


The Cross

This week we have placed a lot of emphasis on Palm Sunday. Selena is going to be included in the play put on by the children at Church. I felt that it was very important for Selena to understand why they were putting on this play, and what Palm Sunday is truly about. Selena understands that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and was raised up and is now in heaven with God. She also understands that he is preparing a place for her, as she states it, “so long as it isn’t a big house, she only likes little houses.” Due to the size of our church though, Selena is the only 4 year old, and does not have a Sunday school class, so she isn’t receiving any of the formal Sunday school lessons. I truly did not want her just getting up in front of the congregation and saying her one line, “Hail to our King! Jesus! Jesus!” and not having any idea as to why she was saying this.

We read the account of Palm Sunday from a few different translation bibles. Allowing time for Selena to ask her questions, and for answers to follow. She colored the following picture to get an idea in her mind just what the children would be doing with the Palm branches and why, that Jesus was indeed riding into Jerusalem on a Donkey.


We then went into our maps in the back of our bible to see the place where Jesus entered the city.

100_4662 100_4663

We then discussed why, and how Jesus did what he did in the temple, or church and we did a little play acting of what this might have looked like. We probably will in no doubt be addressing much of the Bible the rest of the week, and heading on into Easter. As Selena’s understanding expands on who Jesus is, and what he did, her thirst for more knowledge continues to expand.

100_4664 Then Selena had to study her lines after we read the entire play. After Selena retold the story in her own words, “Jesus rode a donkey into town and the people met him with branches. Jesus was sad, because of what they were doing in the church.”

Now it is your turn, what are you studying in Geography/History this week in your home. Link you post up below.

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  1. It's too bad she isn't learning about this at church, but great you're teaching her at home. I hope she enjoys being part of the play!

  2. What a great job. I love the maps.

  3. Very nice lesson. We read a Story of Easter this week which mentions Palm Sunday and explains Easter from religious perspective. I hope Selena will have fun with this lesson.

  4. I just realized that it was coming up on Palm Sunday yesterday. I was totally not realizing how close it was to Easter.

    Wonderful lesson, I"m sure Selena will be fabulous.

  5. You did a nice job with this. I agree that it's best for her to understand what the play is about.

  6. This sounds like it was a meaningful lesson for Selena.

  7. That's neat that she is going to be in the play. Our church is so small, our kids are basically the only regular attenders so they have missed out on typical Sunday School, too. Her notebook page is cute.