Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday Play

I wish I could have gotten a video of the play, it was so cute. All the kids did a super job. I will let the pictures tell the story.

100_4692 100_4693 Papa made a comment this morning that he didn’t know if he would remember his lines. Selena quickly informed him what he was suppose to say, word for word. When it was his turn to speak she turned to make sure he got his cue and was saying his line correctly. She then informed him out loud, “Great Job Papa!”



I do have to say though that after the play, Selena was totally way too stimulated. From there she just fidgeted in church, complained about the new carpet, and we had to get up and go out several times, to get her to calm down a bit. The play was a success though so I guess that is what matters. She had fun and did a fantastic job. 

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  1. The play looks great. It is wonderful that she is an encourager. She knew his lines, too!? That is great.

  2. It's awesome that papa was in a play too. What a great bonding experience for both of them!

  3. Great job Selena!

    It's not surprising that she'd be overstimulated...there was a lot of excitement bottled up inside her, I bet.

  4. (I also thought it was impressive that she knew Papa's lines too!)

  5. Oops, I thought I'd entered my comment, but apparently I just opened the comment form.......

    I love that last picture of Selena, and it looks like the play was WONDERFUL!

  6. Hooray for Papa and Selena! Nice job!