Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter

100_4744 Selena woke up and found the first egg before anyone else could climb out of bed. From there it was a mad dash between her and Pal to see who could find the most eggs. I am not kidding, Pal was as much into the Easter egg fun as Selena was. He only got two, but they kept him happy as he pushed and chased them around the living room.

100_4746 Selena’s loot from our Easter egg hunt. She found a total of $4.00 hidden inside her Easter eggs, which immediately went into her piggy bank. Then she turned around and had yet another Easter egg hunt at church, those eggs were filled with candy though. Since it was raining, after such a beautiful Saturday, all the Easter festivities had to take place inside.

I know I gave you all a tease to Selena’s Easter dress. You have all asked for pictures, I know you wanted to see pictures of her and I together, sorry that did not happen this morning. By the time we got all the fun stuff done, took phone calls of Happy Easter wishes from both of Selena’s parents, and finally was able to get ready for church, I barely got these two pictures snapped of Selena before we left home.

100_4749 100_4750

Selena looked so grown up this morning. I just couldn’t believe my eyes of how this simple dress made her look so grown up.

At church all the kids participated in the introduction of the Elements of Easter. Selena got to carry the loaf of bread to the front and place it ever so gently on the display table. We chuckled so hard at times during service, as Pastor would ask questions through his sermon, and each time Selena would raise her hand as if she had all the answers. Before long she was repeating in a whisper word for word everything Pastor was saying. She now must have the pew bible or her own if she remembers to take it, and she follows along word for word the bible reading. I just love to hear her sing out in the songs.

We came home and I started our Easter dinner. I made potato salad, baked beans and our first BBQ hamburgers of the season. Michael asked me what was one thing that I thought we should buy for Easter for all of us, and I didn’t have to think twice, I wanted a new BBQ. I spent Saturday morning putting it together while Michael chased Selena around the yard. Yummy those hamburgers tasted very dandy.

We hope that all of you had a very fun and Happy Easter like we did, rather you traveled and spent time with family, had family come in to your home, with friends, or like us just a simple family Easter.

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  1. Happy Easter! She does look very grown up in her dress!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Selena looks so pretty in her dress!

  3. She looks so grown up and pretty!

    What a wonderful Easter!

  4. I love Selene's face in that second picture - she really is growing up!

  5. What a great Easter. I am glad that Selena's parents made an effort to connect with her. The dress looks lovely!