Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Basket Fun


I did something a little different for Selena’s Easter basket this year. I happened to be up at our local store getting the last of the groceries we needed for our Easter dinner. I hadn’t really put an Easter basket together yet, since we let Selena pick out a new blanket for her bed, a night gown and a new outfit. I just figured we would have an Easter egg hunt and hide some candies and money in the plastic eggs. Well, I came around the corner to discover these in the floral section. I ran through the store and picked out some little ponies, candies, and a prickles ball, then for $6.98 the florist arranged them all in this huge balloon. Not knowing where I would hide it out of Selena’s site until morning, I told her I had ran into the Easter bunny at the store and he asked me to give this to her now, since it would be too hard for him to carry with all the other baskets in the morning without it popping. He did however promise to visit her in the morning.

100_4732 100_4738 The only real problem was she couldn’t figure out how she was suppose to get everything out. We teased her and told her that maybe she isn’t suppose to take it out. Now she knew better then that, she knew the Easter bunny wouldn’t be that mean to her. She waited very patiently until after we had dinner, then she couldn’t contain her self anymore. I untied all the ribbons and undid the balloon, knowing fully well what was going to happen.

100_4739 Now are you ready for Selena’s reaction to this sight. I should make you wait for it and be truly mean. I won’t though, I will tell you this though that the tears poured, she sobbed, and informed me that I had ruined her Easter, because now she couldn’t get any of her toys or candy.

100_4740 Yes, that is right she is truly crying, not because we opened the balloon, but because it shrank down like shrink wrap. We quickly remedied this with a pair of scissors. The tears stopped and she was all joyful again to retrieve her toys and candy from within the balloon. Will I do this again? You bet you I will, it was fun, exciting, and very unique.


Happy Easter! 


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  1. Happy Easter! That is really cool. I bet she won't cry again though - she'll know just what to expect.

  2. This is a fun idea, but I know that Anna would hate for the balloon to deflate - she just adores balloons. Easter Bunny brought her a new felt set, and she is very contentedly playing with it right now :)

  3. Awwww..... Poor girl. Glad she cheered up once she realized she could get it.

    Happy Easter!

  4. I voted for you - circle of moms - 25 homeschooling blogs!

    Happy holidays :-)