Thursday, March 17, 2011

Story Time

Just like last week, I searched through some magazines to find a picture that would interest Selena. I came across a picture of the clock tower in Spokane, and wondered if she how much she would remember about it and our vacation. I glued it into our tablet, and Selena and I sat down to write a story. Selena was pretty surprised to see the picture, and the story flowed fairly easily for her.


The Clock

By Selena

The clock is in Spokane, Washington.

The clock chimes music.

Uncle T.J. was with me to see this clock.

The clock in in a park.

The End

After this story was written Selena just had to have her picture book of our vacation. She thumbed through it giggling and laughing as she looked at all the fine memories she has from our vacation this last summer. Until she discovered that Pal had finally chewed a hole in one of his toys and was pulling the stuffing out. She cried telling me that the toy had to be made ok. When I explained it wasn’t possible that we would have to throw it away and buy him a new one, she was all pouty and sad. Silly girl!

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  1. Nice story. If Pal is anything like our dog, you will have to buy a lot of new toys!

  2. You know I like your idea to "help" creating stories by supplying pictures. Naughty Pal, he shouldn't upset Selena like that :)

  3. Mac finally managed to destroy his octopus. He loves that thing.

    Please say that's your handwriting, because that is amazingly good.