Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Geography/History South Dakota


When I asked Selena which State she wanted to study, she remembered that our friends had been in a State with a big mountain of heads. I asked her if she meant Mount Rushmore, she said, “Yes!” I told her she was looking for South Dakota. She went to our map on the wall and found it with no problem.

100_4520 She then went straight for our blank US map and once again found it with great ease. Sometimes she even amazes me how she can go from the map on the wall to a blank US map and know exactly where the State is without any reference or help.

100_4521 What color do you think she colored this State? Any guesses? Of course she had to color it blue since the flag is blue. Now I will be honest I have had to help her color the last couple of weeks. She has had very little interest in doing any coloring at all. She wants to do the cutting, gluing, and putting the pages in her book, but has not wanted to color.

southdakota southdakota1 She was very excited to see what a Coyote looks like since that is their State animal, along with a Walleye which is the State fish, as well as the Ring Neck Pheasant the State Bird. I love the way she goes back and forth between wanting to see and learn all the facts and forget all the little things like putting the pages together, to all about getting the pages together and forget the facts.

She did however enjoy seeing Mount Rushmore, of course in a picture.

sd_mount_rushmore_all Now it is your turn to share with us what you are doing in your homes in Geography and History.

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  1. R has a friend named Dakota so she has been pushing to study South and North Dakota next. We still have a little bit of Louisiana to do before we move on though.

    My kids go through phases with coloring, sometimes they love it and other times I can't get them to color a thing.

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  3. A couple of summers ago, we took a 28 day road trip, visiting 16 states! We had a great time in South Dakota! If you want to check out our travels (and hundreds of photos!) you can visit that blog at We even ran into a buffalo traffic jam!

  4. I think it is wonderful that she has such a sense of US geography! Wish I did!

  5. I'm continually amazed at how well she does at finding the states.

  6. I would really like to Mount Rushmore one day. The last comment made me smile. For Anna it's definitely all about facts, not about accompanying activities. Selena seems to be more hands-on learner.

  7. I had hoped we'd make it to Mt. Rushmore this summer - but now we're waiting to see what the price of gas does.

    Selena has amazing map skills!

  8. I can't wait to visit South Dakota. My kids get in anti-coloring moods. They'll just start scribbling to fulfill the requirement, which is very aggravating.