Friday, March 18, 2011

Girl’s Day Out

What would a week be without a girl’s day out? No, we do not do this every week, but this week after Selena has worked so hard for two weeks now I felt we deserved it. I told Selena she could pick out two brand new outfits of her liking. She looked at the jeans, which by the way she has decided are cool to wear now. She looked and looked until she came across the following two outfits, that she calls her “BIG GIRL CLOTHES!”



Then she informed me that she needed a water bottle just like mine, so she could really be grown up. Now usually I do not except requests like this but I did think it was cute. I did make her rephrase her request to a more polite request, then off to hunt for a water bottle.

100_4525 Yes, that is right it is still Disney Princess all the way for my little or big girl! I just can’t get over how tall she is getting. She is thinning down as she is growing taller now, and yes she is beginning to look more and more grown up everyday. After our shopping of course we had to go have lunch at “Old McDonalds.” What would a girl’s day out without a quick visit to the library?

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  1. What a fun day. Anna is not very interested in shopping for her own outfits - she is pretty happy with just getting them from us. There was only one time when she point blank refused to wear what papa chose - it was a black-and-white sweater. She said that it's "boy color". Selena does look very grown up - Anna is still a tiny little thing.

  2. That was a wonderful day, and I agree a girl's day out totally needs a library stop.

  3. Great day! R LOVES to shop; she loves clothes and shoes! She also has the same water bottle. I LOVE those water bottles in the summer because the water stays cold for a long time!

  4. Sounds like some nice fun girly bonding time!