Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Geography/History New York


On Monday night I asked Selena what State she wanted to study this week. She kept saying Pennsylvania, but we already did that State, so she chose New York. When we began our study, she wasn’t as enthused as I had hoped for. I don’t know if it is because she just chose the State for the picking, or if she was having a rough morning. She truly did not seem herself but we moved forward anyway.


She was able to locate New York on our US map on the wall. Again she was able to locate it on her blank US map. I didn’t get a picture of that this week. After looking at the flag she chose to color New York red.

NewYork NewYork2 We then came to the computer and discovered many things about New York. She liked the fact that their animal is the beaver, beverage is milk, fruit is apple, and their gem is the garnet. I showed her my garnet in my mother’s ring, which she didn’t care about the garnet as much as she did the ring itself. Now she wants my ring and since it is sized for my pinky she just knows it would fit her.

There was so much more that I shared with Selena, such as the fact that her friends The Fenn’s  visited New York. I shared the fact that a friend of mine from High School moved to New York, made it big on Broadway and even had his own dance school. We also discussed the fact that my Great Grandma, first arrived in New York when she traveled to the US from Sweden.

I wanted to show her more though, so I went through YouTube, and found this clip done by Frank Sinatra singing New York New York, which also had a lot of great pictures of New York. Selena didn’t care for the music, I think I need to introduce her to a bit more Broadway. While I have heard other artists perform this song that I like better then this version, and had found one with Tony Bennet and Frank Sinatra, that I liked the music better, none had the pictures that this one had. In case the video doesn’t work on here you can watch it here.

We are looking forward to seeing what you are studying in Geography and History. Link your post below.

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  1. New York is a fun state to study. We went to NYC with the kids last summer and they are always asking to go back. My sister lives in upstate NY too, so my kids are very fond of the state.

  2. Katie and I went with some other homeschooling friends to Ellis Island a few years ago and it was a wonderful field of our best ones. We will never forget it.

  3. We all have days like this - when our children don't cooperate with what we planned. New York is a very fascinating place, and I am sure you will revisit it again in your studies.

  4. I didn't realize your family was from Sweden as well.

    I love Broadway music.

  5. Yay! New York :) We live in NY, way upstate, near the VT border in farm country. LOVE it! This is where my husband and I grew up. So many great things all across our state to learn about.
    That's so nice that you have a garnet ring that was your mother's. My oldest daughter's birthstone is the garnet. We are planning a field trip to a garnet mine in the Adirondacks for this summer.

  6. Funny about the ring. It's good that she got to see a garnet but I hope you get to hold onto your ring now! And I love when we can make personal connections to a place as you did. I think it helps make it more real for the kids.