Thursday, March 31, 2011

Story Time

During Children’s time Sunday at church, Selena and the rest of the kids were learning about what it means to be born again. After church Selena asked me if we could find a picture of a cross and write a story about Jesus. Of course one only knows, that I went right to work to find just what Selena wanted.

The Cross The Cross

By Selena

Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Jesus is in heaven with God

The End

Though it is short, it definitely is to the point. I am still sometimes amazed over how easy her little stories are just flowing from her since we started this exercise, and to think this is only our 4th story we have wrote. I also have to admit that I am proud of her understanding of what God did for her.

100_4611 100_4612 I think her favorite part is still her ability to read each story after it is finished. She can hardly wait to be able to share her story with Papa. She is always so proud of her accomplishment. I am now looking forward to the day when she is able to do the writing by herself as well.

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  1. I agree the excited look as she's reading the picture is very cool.

  2. I like that you could introduce her to story writing this way. It will be fun for her to reread her first stories later. Anna loves story telling, but her stories are usually quite long - it's hard to capture them on paper.

  3. Very neat! Maybe you should have Selena "sign" her story in her own hand.

  4. It is going to be so nice to have all of these stories for her to read later. Are you keeping them in a binder or anything to make them part of a "book"? I have to try this with R.

  5. Debbie, you should be proud of Selena's capabilities...her abilities are worth appreciation!

    This week, we made a Pizza. The kids loved making it and then eating it!

  6. It's wonderful she understands the gospel at such a young age. I'm not quite sure if K gets it yet.